doesn`t ope russian state serveces site

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doesn`t ope russian state serveces site

Post by Weather » 2019-08-16, 23:55

They have a state services site in russia:
Palemoon fails to open ther signing in page correctly: it`s impossible to log in.

That is how it opens it and how firefox does it.

Image Image

What is the reason?

2. I supposed, the reason could be in useragent string.
2.1 I created an about:config string "", it didn`t solve the fault and now I can`t delete it.
2.2 I couldn`t install a special add-on User-Agent Switcher: It forces me download firefox and doesn`t let even download the addon.

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Re: doesn`t ope russian state serveces site

Post by Moonchild » 2019-08-17, 14:50

Tested with the current release version with default settings: no problems seen.

Deleting a custom preference is done by right-clicking it and choosing "reset". It will clear the preference (for technical reasons it will be blanked as "string" until you close and re-open the about:config page, but it will be gone)
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