not working properly for me.

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Unread post by Nukley » 2018-09-21, 21:06

When i load in all i get is a oddly colored box on-top of what should be a giant text box.

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Re: not working properly for me.

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-09-22, 07:48

I just had a look at the website and saw camera captures and what is assumed peer-connected sharing. So that's likely built on WebRTC.

Does it require WebRTC? If so, then it will never work in Pale Moon because WebRTC is not part of its included feature set (by design).
If you require this, then you may want to try using Basilisk instead for your workflow needs.

EDIT: I've poked at the site a little and I didn't have a problem starting a trial code share... So what exactly is the problem?
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