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PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Mon, 03 Sep 2018, 01:01

I tried 28.0.1 and noticed it is much better than 28.0.0 in terms of smoothness and the browser is not hanging any longer (that forced me to roll back from 28.0.0 to 27.9.4).

However, with 28.0.1 I'm experiencing random crashes from time to time (it is just closing).
AppCrashView does not show anything.
In Windows application log I see entry related to the crash:

Code: Select all

Faulting application name: palemoon.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b881b6c
Faulting module name: xul.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5b881d51
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00000000004b86f4
Faulting process id: 0x15ac
Faulting application start time: 0x01d44317f00cfc25
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\palemoon.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\xul.dll
Report Id: cd1d8463-788b-49db-b09e-c71f3a518d89
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Unfortunately, I do not know how to re-produce the issue as it is completely intermittent.
However, it looks lime mostly it happens when a new tab/window is opened by clicking on external links (links in other programs).
I tried PM 28.0.1 portable 64-bit with about the same set of addons and have not seen such crashes. However, external links not opened in the portable PM and it is mostly just staying open.

System info:
CPU: i7-4790 (no overclocking)
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: AMD R5-240 + Integrated Intel GPU (dual monitor)
Windows 10 64-bit 1803
Palemoon 28.0.1 64-bit installed over 27.x profile (with quite a few addons installed).

P.S. I've rolled back to 27.9.4 for now.

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Night Wing
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Knows the dark side
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Night Wing » Mon, 03 Sep 2018, 02:00

You went from 27.9.4 to 28.0.0 and when 28 wasn't to your liking, you rolled back to (27.9.4). If you didn't make a new profile when you rolled back to 27.9.4, then that could be the reason you're now having problems when you updated to (28.0.1). Did you make a new profile when you rolled back to (27.9.4).?

Then you went to 28.0.1 and had problems with this version. Did you make a new profile in (28.0.1)? If you didn't make a new profile for this version and then rolled back to 27.9.4 (a second time), you just might start having problems cropping up with (27.9.4) somewhere down the line.

Bottom line. Updating to a new version, having problems, rolling back and forth like a yo-yo, without creating new profiles, corrupts profiles.

I'm harping on a new profile because in your first post in this topic thread, you never said if you made a new profile so my post is basically guess work. If you haven't made any new profiles, I wouldn't count on a future version, like updating from 27.9.4 to 28.0.2, to solve your problems.
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Tue, 04 Sep 2018, 00:58

I'm aware that upgrade to 28 converts profile so I backed up my profile (with PM backup tool & manually) before upgrading to 28 and restored it when downgraded.
I have not created new profiles. I restored my old 27.x profile after every downgrade.
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Wed, 05 Sep 2018, 21:21

Tried to upgrade from 27.9.4 64-bit to 28.0.1 64-bit on my home PC (with about the same set of addons) and do not have any crashes after 3 days (I'm noticing small slowness while switching tab or scrolling, but nothing major).
As I'm the only user of these PCs, browser usage is about the same. However, PCs specs are completely different. At home I have Ryzen5 1600, 16GB RAM, GPU AMD RX 470, (no integrated GPU, single monitor), Windows 10 64-bit 1803.

One difference that I'm thinking might be an issue -- GPU/drivers. On the problematic PC it is dual monitor setup so iGPU + AMD GPU are used. In addition, it is Dell so I cannot install the most recent Intel/AMD drivers (quite old Radeon 17.7 is used, newer driver simply not available).
Could you advice, how can I check what GPU is used by Palemoon and how to tell Palemoon what GPU I'd like to use for HW acceleration?


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Keeps coming back
Keeps coming back
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby therube » Thu, 06 Sep 2018, 20:35

If you think it is video card related, disable Hardware Acceleration & test running that way for a while.

Tools | Preferences | Advanced -> User hardware acceleration when available (uncheck)

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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash  Topic is solved

Unread postby fifonik » Thu, 13 Sep 2018, 22:35

I've made another attempt to upgrade 27.9.4 to 28.0.1 (the same profile).
This time after upgrading I opened about:config and went through all modified options (they are in bold), reset everything that is not related to currently installed/configured extensions, restarted browser and made browser changes that I need through UI.

It is working without crashes for more than a day already (HW acceleration is still ON).
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Noble Be
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Noble Be » Mon, 24 Sep 2018, 08:53

Just upgraded to 28.0.1
Similar set up to this poster Win 10/64 bit etc
System crashes randomly approx every several minutes with a list of system restore when I reboot.
Thinking of going back to 27.9.4 or back to Firefox if this keeps up.
I really like Pale Moon and feel comfortable with the format.
Can't take too many crashes on a regular basis. Is there a fix/upgrade coming in?
I can't be the only one having the crash issue.
I should be able to have more than two tabs up at once without hang up and crash. Firefox never crashed with this issue.

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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Moonchild » Mon, 24 Sep 2018, 09:04

The latest version is 28.1.0.
Also, if your -system- crashes then there's something else going on that you should be investigating. Crashes of the browser would be limited to the browser application only. If you experience complete system crashes when using the browser, you probably want to look into the realm of your video hardware or drivers to find the culprit.
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Mon, 19 Nov 2018, 22:31

Upgraded from 28.1 to 28.2 (now 28.2.1) some time ago and it started to crash randomly again on my work PC (Windows 10 64 bit 1803).
I do not have issues on my home PC with exactly the same extensions installed.

I suspect that the issue might be caused by proxy server for work PC.

I cannot supply AppCrashView info as for some reason there is nothing in WER folder so AppCrashView shows nothing.
I managed to get crash dumps (.dmp files) and tried to analyze dump using: web site:

Code: Select all

Primary Analysis
Crash Dump Analysis provided by OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. (
Online Crash Dump Analysis Service
See for more information
Windows 8 Version 17134 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: SingleUserTS
kernel32.dll version: 10.0.17134.12 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
Machine Name:
Debug session time: Mon Nov 19 16:05:25.000 2018 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: not available
Process Uptime: 0 days 0:28:41.000
  Kernel time: 0 days 0:01:33.000
  User time: 0 days 0:05:36.000
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\triage\oca.ini, error 2
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\winxp\triage.ini, error 2
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\triage\user.ini, error 2
*                                                                             *
*                        Exception Analysis                                   *
*                                                                             *

TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\triage\guids.ini, error 2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nss3.dll
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nss3.dll
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for mozglue.dll
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for mozglue.dll
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\triage\modclass.ini, error 2
GetUrlPageData2 (WinHttp) failed: 12029.
*** The OS name list needs to be updated! Unknown Windows version: 10.0 ***

00007ffb`32e7ad04 80b82201000000  cmp     byte ptr [rax+122h],0

EXCEPTION_RECORD:  ffffffffffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)
ExceptionAddress: 00007ffb32e7ad04 (xul+0x00000000004cad04)
   ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
  ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 2
   Parameter[0]: 0000000000000000
   Parameter[1]: 0000000000000122
Attempt to read from address 0000000000000122


PROCESS_NAME:  palemoon.exe

ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".

EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".

EXCEPTION_PARAMETER1:  0000000000000000

EXCEPTION_PARAMETER2:  0000000000000122

READ_ADDRESS:  0000000000000122

00007ffb`32e7ad04 80b82201000000  cmp     byte ptr [rax+122h],0



FAULTING_THREAD:  0000000000002828



LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from 00007ffb32e8f668 to 00007ffb32e7ad04

00000079`c3bff1e8 00007ffb`32e8f668 : 00000232`00000001 00000000`00008000 00000232`08812000 00000000`00000000 : xul+0x4cad04
00000079`c3bff1f0 00000232`00000001 : 00000000`00008000 00000232`08812000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000191 : xul+0x4df668
00000079`c3bff1f8 00000000`00008000 : 00000232`08812000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000191 00000000`0000138d : 0x232`00000001
00000079`c3bff200 00000232`08812000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000191 00000000`0000138d 00000000`00000191 : 0x8000
00000079`c3bff208 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000191 00000000`0000138d 00000000`00000191 00007ffb`32ea6cd1 : 0x232`08812000

STACK_COMMAND:  ~3s; .ecxr ; kb


SYMBOL_NAME:  xul+4cad04

FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner


IMAGE_NAME:  xul.dll


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  NULL_CLASS_PTR_READ_c0000005_xul.dll!Unknown



Followup: MachineOwner

Loaded Module List

start             end                 module name
00000000`56a50000 00000000`56ad9000   sysfer   sysfer.dll 
00000232`71920000 00000232`71924000   api_ms_win_crt_runtime_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71930000 00000232`71934000   api_ms_win_crt_string_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71ac0000 00000232`71ac3000   api_ms_win_crt_heap_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71ad0000 00000232`71ad4000   api_ms_win_crt_stdio_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71ae0000 00000232`71ae4000   api_ms_win_crt_convert_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71b40000 00000232`71b43000   api_ms_win_crt_locale_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71b50000 00000232`71b55000   api_ms_win_crt_math_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71b60000 00000232`71b65000   api_ms_win_crt_multibyte_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-multibyte-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71b70000 00000232`71b73000   api_ms_win_crt_time_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71b80000 00000232`71b83000   api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71b90000 00000232`71b93000   api_ms_win_crt_environment_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-0.dll
00000232`71ba0000 00000232`71ba3000   api_ms_win_crt_utility_l1_1_0 api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0.dll
00007ff7`a3100000 00007ff7`a314e000   palemoon palemoon.exe
00007ffb`329b0000 00007ffb`36f0a000   xul      xul.dll     
00007ffb`4b8d0000 00007ffb`4bb27000   msmpeg2vdec msmpeg2vdec.dll
00007ffb`4bc60000 00007ffb`4bca3000   icm32    icm32.dll   
00007ffb`52450000 00007ffb`5261e000   nss3     nss3.dll   
00007ffb`57c10000 00007ffb`57dcd000   quartz   quartz.dll 
00007ffb`5a1e0000 00007ffb`5a30b000   mfperfhelper mfperfhelper.dll
00007ffb`5e520000 00007ffb`5e52a000   msdmo    msdmo.dll   
00007ffb`60080000 00007ffb`60222000   mozavcodec mozavcodec.dll
00007ffb`60230000 00007ffb`6047a000   WMVCORE  WMVCORE.DLL
00007ffb`60930000 00007ffb`609e7000   lgpllibs lgpllibs.dll
00007ffb`65450000 00007ffb`6562b000   mfplat   mfplat.dll 
00007ffb`65950000 00007ffb`65972000   dxva2    dxva2.dll   
00007ffb`69940000 00007ffb`699e8000   mscms    mscms.dll   
00007ffb`6afc0000 00007ffb`6b455000   explorerframe explorerframe.dll
00007ffb`6b460000 00007ffb`6b4b8000   dataexchange dataexchange.dll
00007ffb`6d410000 00007ffb`6d454000   edputil  edputil.dll
00007ffb`6d460000 00007ffb`6d470000   ColorAdapterClient ColorAdapterClient.dll
00007ffb`6d680000 00007ffb`6d708000   appresolver appresolver.dll
00007ffb`6efa0000 00007ffb`6efb9000   usp10    usp10.dll   
00007ffb`6f7f0000 00007ffb`6f877000   freebl3  freebl3.dll
00007ffb`70a10000 00007ffb`70a3e000   RTWorkQ  RTWorkQ.dll
00007ffb`70ea0000 00007ffb`70f1b000   mf       mf.dll     
00007ffb`73dc0000 00007ffb`740dc000   DWrite   DWrite.dll 
00007ffb`75680000 00007ffb`75692000   cscapi   cscapi.dll 
00007ffb`756d0000 00007ffb`75720000   Bcp47Langs Bcp47Langs.dll
00007ffb`76e30000 00007ffb`76e9e000   MSAudDecMFT MSAudDecMFT.dll
00007ffb`796c0000 00007ffb`796fc000   mozavutil mozavutil.dll
00007ffb`797a0000 00007ffb`79804000   nssckbi  nssckbi.dll
00007ffb`7c2d0000 00007ffb`7c2d9000   wsock32  wsock32.dll
00007ffb`7c760000 00007ffb`7c767000   msimg32  msimg32.dll
00007ffb`7c820000 00007ffb`7c9e9000   dbghelp  dbghelp.dll
00007ffb`7cb30000 00007ffb`7cccc000   dcomp    dcomp.dll   
00007ffb`7e290000 00007ffb`7e2b1000   nssdbm3  nssdbm3.dll
00007ffb`7e320000 00007ffb`7e3bd000   msvcp140 msvcp140.dll
00007ffb`7e470000 00007ffb`7e49a000   WINMMBASE WINMMBASE.dll
00007ffb`7e4c0000 00007ffb`7e4e3000   winmm    winmm.dll   
00007ffb`7ee90000 00007ffb`7ee9a000   version  version.dll
00007ffb`7f2f0000 00007ffb`7f2fa000   avrt     avrt.dll   
00007ffb`7f390000 00007ffb`7f4bc000   AudioSes AudioSes.dll
00007ffb`7f4c0000 00007ffb`7f4cc000   secur32  secur32.dll
00007ffb`7f750000 00007ffb`7f82a000   CoreMessaging CoreMessaging.dll
00007ffb`7fa90000 00007ffb`7fdae000   CoreUIComponents CoreUIComponents.dll
00007ffb`7feb0000 00007ffb`7ff29000   InputHost InputHost.dll
00007ffb`7ff80000 00007ffb`80017000   TextInputFramework TextInputFramework.dll
00007ffb`80060000 00007ffb`80174000   Windows_UI Windows.UI.dll
00007ffb`80250000 00007ffb`8030a000   evr      evr.dll     
00007ffb`80340000 00007ffb`80372000   softokn3 softokn3.dll
00007ffb`80380000 00007ffb`80392000   browsercomps browsercomps.dll
00007ffb`818f0000 00007ffb`81966000   MMDevAPI MMDevAPI.dll
00007ffb`81a20000 00007ffb`81d2b000   d3d11    d3d11.dll   
00007ffb`81da0000 00007ffb`81e7a000   ntshrui  ntshrui.dll
00007ffb`81e80000 00007ffb`81e8d000   linkinfo linkinfo.dll
00007ffb`82520000 00007ffb`8253a000   pnrpnsp  pnrpnsp.dll
00007ffb`82540000 00007ffb`82556000   NapiNSP  NapiNSP.dll
00007ffb`82910000 00007ffb`82936000   srvcli   srvcli.dll 
00007ffb`83230000 00007ffb`8323e000   winrnr   winrnr.dll 
00007ffb`832c0000 00007ffb`8340d000   WinTypes WinTypes.dll
00007ffb`837e0000 00007ffb`837ea000   rasadhlp rasadhlp.dll
00007ffb`839b0000 00007ffb`83a03000   WMASF    WMASF.DLL   
00007ffb`83a10000 00007ffb`83a27000   VCRUNTIME140 VCRUNTIME140.dll
00007ffb`83a30000 00007ffb`83a5a000   mozglue  mozglue.dll
00007ffb`83b60000 00007ffb`83b7d000   MP3DMOD  MP3DMOD.DLL
00007ffb`83b80000 00007ffb`83ba9000   qasf     qasf.dll   
00007ffb`85140000 00007ffb`851d1000   msvcp110_win msvcp110_win.dll
00007ffb`852a0000 00007ffb`8531f000   policymanager policymanager.dll
00007ffb`85320000 00007ffb`85339000   nlaapi   nlaapi.dll 
00007ffb`85880000 00007ffb`85a34000   propsys  propsys.dll
00007ffb`85ba0000 00007ffb`85bb3000   wtsapi32 wtsapi32.dll
00007ffb`85d10000 00007ffb`85d2a000   dhcpcsvc dhcpcsvc.dll
00007ffb`860a0000 00007ffb`86112000   FWPUCLNT FWPUCLNT.DLL
00007ffb`869d0000 00007ffb`86a68000   uxtheme  uxtheme.dll
00007ffb`86c60000 00007ffb`86c89000   dwmapi   dwmapi.dll 
00007ffb`86c90000 00007ffb`86cb1000   rmclient rmclient.dll
00007ffb`86df0000 00007ffb`86fa8000   twinapi_appcore twinapi.appcore.dll
00007ffb`87290000 00007ffb`8734b000   dxgi     dxgi.dll   
00007ffb`87470000 00007ffb`87495000   sppc     sppc.dll   
00007ffb`87530000 00007ffb`87557000   slc      slc.dll     
00007ffb`87590000 00007ffb`875c1000   ntmarta  ntmarta.dll
00007ffb`87810000 00007ffb`87866000   winsta   winsta.dll 
00007ffb`87930000 00007ffb`87963000   rsaenh   rsaenh.dll 
00007ffb`87ad0000 00007ffb`87b08000   IPHLPAPI IPHLPAPI.DLL
00007ffb`87b10000 00007ffb`87bce000   dnsapi   dnsapi.dll 
00007ffb`87cc0000 00007ffb`87d31000   msv1_0   msv1_0.dll 
00007ffb`87d40000 00007ffb`87da6000   mswsock  mswsock.dll
00007ffb`87ea0000 00007ffb`87eab000   CRYPTBASE CRYPTBASE.DLL
00007ffb`87f50000 00007ffb`87f67000   cryptsp  cryptsp.dll
00007ffb`87f70000 00007ffb`87f84000   cryptdll cryptdll.dll
00007ffb`87fa0000 00007ffb`87fad000   NtlmShared NtlmShared.dll
00007ffb`88070000 00007ffb`88095000   bcrypt   bcrypt.dll 
00007ffb`88320000 00007ffb`88347000   devobj   devobj.dll 
00007ffb`88410000 00007ffb`88438000   userenv  userenv.dll
00007ffb`88440000 00007ffb`88470000   sspicli  sspicli.dll
00007ffb`88510000 00007ffb`8852f000   profapi  profapi.dll
00007ffb`88530000 00007ffb`8857c000   powrprof powrprof.dll
00007ffb`88580000 00007ffb`88591000   kernel_appcore kernel.appcore.dll
00007ffb`885a0000 00007ffb`885b2000   msasn1   msasn1.dll 
00007ffb`885c0000 00007ffb`885ca000   fltLib   fltLib.dll 
00007ffb`885d0000 00007ffb`88619000   cfgmgr32 cfgmgr32.dll
00007ffb`88620000 00007ffb`88d2d000   windows_storage
00007ffb`88d30000 00007ffb`88fa3000   KERNELBASE KERNELBASE.dll
00007ffb`89060000 00007ffb`890ff000   msvcp_win msvcp_win.dll
00007ffb`89100000 00007ffb`89120000   win32u   win32u.dll 
00007ffb`89120000 00007ffb`8921a000   ucrtbase ucrtbase.dll
00007ffb`89220000 00007ffb`893b2000   gdi32full gdi32full.dll
00007ffb`893c0000 00007ffb`8943a000   bcryptPrimitives bcryptPrimitives.dll
00007ffb`89440000 00007ffb`89622000   crypt32  crypt32.dll
00007ffb`89630000 00007ffb`89687000   wintrust wintrust.dll
00007ffb`896f0000 00007ffb`89791000   advapi32 advapi32.dll
00007ffb`897b0000 00007ffb`897b8000   nsi      nsi.dll     
00007ffb`897c0000 00007ffb`89950000   user32   user32.dll 
00007ffb`89950000 00007ffb`89978000   gdi32    gdi32.dll   
00007ffb`89980000 00007ffb`89ca3000   combase  combase.dll
00007ffb`89cb0000 00007ffb`89d4e000   msvcrt   msvcrt.dll 
00007ffb`89d50000 00007ffb`8a19b000   setupapi setupapi.dll
00007ffb`8a200000 00007ffb`8b640000   shell32  shell32.dll
00007ffb`8b640000 00007ffb`8b702000   oleaut32 oleaut32.dll
00007ffb`8b800000 00007ffb`8b975000   msctf    msctf.dll   
00007ffb`8b980000 00007ffb`8b9d1000   shlwapi  shlwapi.dll
00007ffb`8b9e0000 00007ffb`8ba0d000   imm32    imm32.dll   
00007ffb`8ba10000 00007ffb`8bb34000   rpcrt4   rpcrt4.dll 
00007ffb`8bb40000 00007ffb`8bb9b000   sechost  sechost.dll
00007ffb`8bd40000 00007ffb`8bdf2000   kernel32 kernel32.dll
00007ffb`8be00000 00007ffb`8be6c000   ws2_32   ws2_32.dll 
00007ffb`8be70000 00007ffb`8bf19000   SHCore   SHCore.dll 
00007ffb`8bfa0000 00007ffb`8c0f1000   ole32    ole32.dll   
00007ffb`8c130000 00007ffb`8c1d0000   clbcatq  clbcatq.dll
00007ffb`8c200000 00007ffb`8c3e1000   ntdll    ntdll.dll   

Dump Header Information

----- User Mini Dump Analysis

Version         A793 (A0EE)
NumberOfStreams 14
Flags           121
                0001 MiniDumpWithDataSegs
                0020 MiniDumpWithUnloadedModules
                0100 MiniDumpWithProcessThreadData

Stream 0: type ThreadListStream (3), size 00000B14, RVA 000006FC
  59 threads
  RVA 00000700, ID 3A24, Teb:00000079C2918000
  RVA 00000730, ID 3B60, Teb:00000079C2926000
  RVA 00000760, ID 3C4C, Teb:00000079C2928000
  RVA 00000790, ID 2828, Teb:00000079C292A000
  RVA 000007C0, ID 130C, Teb:00000079C292C000
  RVA 000007F0, ID 938, Teb:00000079C292E000
  RVA 00000820, ID 3A98, Teb:00000079C2930000
  RVA 00000850, ID 374, Teb:00000079C2932000
  RVA 00000880, ID 8CC, Teb:00000079C2934000
  RVA 000008B0, ID 1E7C, Teb:00000079C2936000
  RVA 000008E0, ID 2914, Teb:00000079C2938000
  RVA 00000910, ID 202C, Teb:00000079C293A000
  RVA 00000940, ID 24A8, Teb:00000079C293C000
  RVA 00000970, ID 178C, Teb:00000079C293E000
  RVA 000009A0, ID 1DB4, Teb:00000079C2940000
  RVA 000009D0, ID 970, Teb:00000079C2942000
  RVA 00000A00, ID 3A1C, Teb:00000079C2944000
  RVA 00000A30, ID 23A4, Teb:00000079C2946000
  RVA 00000A60, ID 35FC, Teb:00000079C2948000
  RVA 00000A90, ID 39F0, Teb:00000079C294A000
  RVA 00000AC0, ID 6C0, Teb:00000079C294C000
  RVA 00000AF0, ID 3E90, Teb:00000079C2950000
  RVA 00000B20, ID A70, Teb:00000079C2952000
  RVA 00000B50, ID 24C8, Teb:00000079C2954000
  RVA 00000B80, ID 1B74, Teb:00000079C2956000
  RVA 00000BB0, ID EF8, Teb:00000079C2958000
  RVA 00000BE0, ID 3CC0, Teb:00000079C295A000
  RVA 00000C10, ID 2214, Teb:00000079C295C000
  RVA 00000C40, ID 3C14, Teb:00000079C295E000
  RVA 00000C70, ID 738, Teb:00000079C2960000
  RVA 00000CA0, ID 9F8, Teb:00000079C2962000
  RVA 00000CD0, ID 3CA8, Teb:00000079C2966000
  RVA 00000D00, ID FC, Teb:00000079C2968000
  RVA 00000D30, ID 1E34, Teb:00000079C296C000
  RVA 00000D60, ID 3AB8, Teb:00000079C296E000
  RVA 00000D90, ID 3FA4, Teb:00000079C2970000
  RVA 00000DC0, ID 1950, Teb:00000079C298E000
  RVA 00000DF0, ID 1A14, Teb:00000079C29A4000
  RVA 00000E20, ID 22AC, Teb:00000079C29A6000
  RVA 00000E50, ID 2888, Teb:00000079C29AA000
  RVA 00000E80, ID 3BF0, Teb:00000079C29AC000
  RVA 00000EB0, ID 2290, Teb:00000079C29B0000
  RVA 00000EE0, ID 684, Teb:00000079C29B2000
  RVA 00000F10, ID 210C, Teb:00000079C29B4000
  RVA 00000F40, ID 293C, Teb:00000079C29B6000
  RVA 00000F70, ID 538, Teb:00000079C29B8000
  RVA 00000FA0, ID 3F80, Teb:00000079C29BA000
  RVA 00000FD0, ID 1964, Teb:00000079C29BC000
  RVA 00001000, ID 339C, Teb:00000079C29BE000
  RVA 00001030, ID 3680, Teb:00000079C29C6000
  RVA 00001060, ID 21E0, Teb:00000079C29CE000
  RVA 00001090, ID 3C2C, Teb:00000079C29D6000
  RVA 000010C0, ID 256C, Teb:00000079C2808000
  RVA 000010F0, ID 3078, Teb:00000079C280A000
  RVA 00001120, ID 3F30, Teb:00000079C287A000
  RVA 00001150, ID 10C, Teb:00000079C287C000
  RVA 00001180, ID 1880, Teb:00000079C2892000
  RVA 000011B0, ID 3F18, Teb:00000079C28AA000
  RVA 000011E0, ID A04, Teb:00000079C28AC000
Stream 1: type ModuleListStream (4), size 00003B80, RVA 0000121C
  141 modules
  RVA 00001220, 00007ff7`a3100000 - 00007ff7`a314e000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\palemoon.exe'
  RVA 0000128C, 00007ffb`8c200000 - 00007ffb`8c3e1000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ntdll.dll'
  RVA 000012F8, 00007ffb`8bd40000 - 00007ffb`8bdf2000: 'C:\Windows\System32\kernel32.dll'
  RVA 00001364, 00007ffb`88d30000 - 00007ffb`88fa3000: 'C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll'
  RVA 000013D0, 00000000`56a50000 - 00000000`56ad9000: 'C:\Windows\System32\sysfer.dll'
  RVA 0000143C, 00007ffb`89120000 - 00007ffb`8921a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ucrtbase.dll'
  RVA 000014A8, 00007ffb`83a10000 - 00007ffb`83a27000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\VCRUNTIME140.dll'
  RVA 00001514, 00007ffb`83a30000 - 00007ffb`83a5a000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\mozglue.dll'
  RVA 00001580, 00007ffb`7ee90000 - 00007ffb`7ee9a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\version.dll'
  RVA 000015EC, 00007ffb`7c820000 - 00007ffb`7c9e9000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dbghelp.dll'
  RVA 00001658, 00007ffb`7e320000 - 00007ffb`7e3bd000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\msvcp140.dll'
  RVA 000016C4, 00007ffb`89cb0000 - 00007ffb`89d4e000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msvcrt.dll'
  RVA 00001730, 00000232`71920000 - 00000232`71924000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 0000179C, 00000232`71930000 - 00000232`71934000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001808, 00000232`71ac0000 - 00000232`71ac3000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001874, 00000232`71ad0000 - 00000232`71ad4000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 000018E0, 00000232`71ae0000 - 00000232`71ae4000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 0000194C, 00000232`71b40000 - 00000232`71b43000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 000019B8, 00000232`71b50000 - 00000232`71b55000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001A24, 00000232`71b60000 - 00000232`71b65000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-multibyte-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001A90, 00000232`71b70000 - 00000232`71b73000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001AFC, 00000232`71b80000 - 00000232`71b83000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001B68, 00000232`71b90000 - 00000232`71b93000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001BD4, 00000232`71ba0000 - 00000232`71ba3000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0.dll'
  RVA 00001C40, 00007ffb`52450000 - 00007ffb`5261e000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\nss3.dll'
  RVA 00001CAC, 00007ffb`896f0000 - 00007ffb`89791000: 'C:\Windows\System32\advapi32.dll'
  RVA 00001D18, 00007ffb`8bb40000 - 00007ffb`8bb9b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\sechost.dll'
  RVA 00001D84, 00007ffb`8ba10000 - 00007ffb`8bb34000: 'C:\Windows\System32\rpcrt4.dll'
  RVA 00001DF0, 00007ffb`8be00000 - 00007ffb`8be6c000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ws2_32.dll'
  RVA 00001E5C, 00007ffb`7e4c0000 - 00007ffb`7e4e3000: 'C:\Windows\System32\winmm.dll'
  RVA 00001EC8, 00007ffb`7c2d0000 - 00007ffb`7c2d9000: 'C:\Windows\System32\wsock32.dll'
  RVA 00001F34, 00007ffb`7e470000 - 00007ffb`7e49a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\WINMMBASE.dll'
  RVA 00001FA0, 00007ffb`885d0000 - 00007ffb`88619000: 'C:\Windows\System32\cfgmgr32.dll'
  RVA 0000200C, 00007ffb`60930000 - 00007ffb`609e7000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\lgpllibs.dll'
  RVA 00002078, 00007ffb`329b0000 - 00007ffb`36f0a000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\xul.dll'
  RVA 000020E4, 00007ffb`897c0000 - 00007ffb`89950000: 'C:\Windows\System32\user32.dll'
  RVA 00002150, 00007ffb`89100000 - 00007ffb`89120000: 'C:\Windows\System32\win32u.dll'
  RVA 000021BC, 00007ffb`89950000 - 00007ffb`89978000: 'C:\Windows\System32\gdi32.dll'
  RVA 00002228, 00007ffb`89220000 - 00007ffb`893b2000: 'C:\Windows\System32\gdi32full.dll'
  RVA 00002294, 00007ffb`89060000 - 00007ffb`890ff000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msvcp_win.dll'
  RVA 00002300, 00007ffb`8a200000 - 00007ffb`8b640000: 'C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll'
  RVA 0000236C, 00007ffb`8be70000 - 00007ffb`8bf19000: 'C:\Windows\System32\SHCore.dll'
  RVA 000023D8, 00007ffb`89980000 - 00007ffb`89ca3000: 'C:\Windows\System32\combase.dll'
  RVA 00002444, 00007ffb`893c0000 - 00007ffb`8943a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\bcryptPrimitives.dll'
  RVA 000024B0, 00007ffb`88620000 - 00007ffb`88d2d000: 'C:\Windows\System32\'
  RVA 0000251C, 00007ffb`8b980000 - 00007ffb`8b9d1000: 'C:\Windows\System32\shlwapi.dll'
  RVA 00002588, 00007ffb`88580000 - 00007ffb`88591000: 'C:\Windows\System32\kernel.appcore.dll'
  RVA 000025F4, 00007ffb`88510000 - 00007ffb`8852f000: 'C:\Windows\System32\profapi.dll'
  RVA 00002660, 00007ffb`88530000 - 00007ffb`8857c000: 'C:\Windows\System32\powrprof.dll'
  RVA 000026CC, 00007ffb`885c0000 - 00007ffb`885ca000: 'C:\Windows\System32\fltLib.dll'
  RVA 00002738, 00007ffb`8bfa0000 - 00007ffb`8c0f1000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ole32.dll'
  RVA 000027A4, 00007ffb`89440000 - 00007ffb`89622000: 'C:\Windows\System32\crypt32.dll'
  RVA 00002810, 00007ffb`885a0000 - 00007ffb`885b2000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msasn1.dll'
  RVA 0000287C, 00007ffb`8b9e0000 - 00007ffb`8ba0d000: 'C:\Windows\System32\imm32.dll'
  RVA 000028E8, 00007ffb`89d50000 - 00007ffb`8a19b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\setupapi.dll'
  RVA 00002954, 00007ffb`89630000 - 00007ffb`89687000: 'C:\Windows\System32\wintrust.dll'
  RVA 000029C0, 00007ffb`8b640000 - 00007ffb`8b702000: 'C:\Windows\System32\oleaut32.dll'
  RVA 00002A2C, 00007ffb`6efa0000 - 00007ffb`6efb9000: 'C:\Windows\System32\usp10.dll'
  RVA 00002A98, 00007ffb`7c760000 - 00007ffb`7c767000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msimg32.dll'
  RVA 00002B04, 00007ffb`87ad0000 - 00007ffb`87b08000: 'C:\Windows\System32\IPHLPAPI.DLL'
  RVA 00002B70, 00007ffb`869d0000 - 00007ffb`86a68000: 'C:\Windows\System32\uxtheme.dll'
  RVA 00002BDC, 00007ffb`85ba0000 - 00007ffb`85bb3000: 'C:\Windows\System32\wtsapi32.dll'
  RVA 00002C48, 00007ffb`88410000 - 00007ffb`88438000: 'C:\Windows\System32\userenv.dll'
  RVA 00002CB4, 00007ffb`87ea0000 - 00007ffb`87eab000: 'C:\Windows\System32\CRYPTBASE.DLL'
  RVA 00002D20, 00007ffb`86c60000 - 00007ffb`86c89000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dwmapi.dll'
  RVA 00002D8C, 00007ffb`87590000 - 00007ffb`875c1000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ntmarta.dll'
  RVA 00002DF8, 00007ffb`73dc0000 - 00007ffb`740dc000: 'C:\Windows\System32\DWrite.dll'
  RVA 00002E64, 00007ffb`8b800000 - 00007ffb`8b975000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msctf.dll'
  RVA 00002ED0, 00007ffb`8c130000 - 00007ffb`8c1d0000: 'C:\Windows\System32\clbcatq.dll'
  RVA 00002F3C, 00007ffb`85880000 - 00007ffb`85a34000: 'C:\Windows\System32\propsys.dll'
  RVA 00002FA8, 00007ffb`87b10000 - 00007ffb`87bce000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dnsapi.dll'
  RVA 00003014, 00007ffb`897b0000 - 00007ffb`897b8000: 'C:\Windows\System32\nsi.dll'
  RVA 00003080, 00007ffb`87d40000 - 00007ffb`87da6000: 'C:\Windows\System32\mswsock.dll'
  RVA 000030EC, 00007ffb`80380000 - 00007ffb`80392000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\browser\components\browsercomps.dll'
  RVA 00003158, 00007ffb`85d10000 - 00007ffb`85d2a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dhcpcsvc.dll'
  RVA 000031C4, 00007ffb`82540000 - 00007ffb`82556000: 'C:\Windows\System32\NapiNSP.dll'
  RVA 00003230, 00007ffb`82520000 - 00007ffb`8253a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\pnrpnsp.dll'
  RVA 0000329C, 00007ffb`85320000 - 00007ffb`85339000: 'C:\Windows\System32\nlaapi.dll'
  RVA 00003308, 00007ffb`83230000 - 00007ffb`8323e000: 'C:\Windows\System32\winrnr.dll'
  RVA 00003374, 00007ffb`88320000 - 00007ffb`88347000: 'C:\Windows\System32\devobj.dll'
  RVA 000033E0, 00007ffb`7cb30000 - 00007ffb`7cccc000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dcomp.dll'
  RVA 0000344C, 00007ffb`87290000 - 00007ffb`8734b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dxgi.dll'
  RVA 000034B8, 00007ffb`69940000 - 00007ffb`699e8000: 'C:\Windows\System32\mscms.dll'
  RVA 00003524, 00007ffb`6d460000 - 00007ffb`6d470000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ColorAdapterClient.dll'
  RVA 00003590, 00007ffb`4bc60000 - 00007ffb`4bca3000: 'C:\Windows\System32\icm32.dll'
  RVA 000035FC, 00007ffb`87810000 - 00007ffb`87866000: 'C:\Windows\System32\winsta.dll'
  RVA 00003668, 00007ffb`6b460000 - 00007ffb`6b4b8000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dataexchange.dll'
  RVA 000036D4, 00007ffb`81a20000 - 00007ffb`81d2b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\d3d11.dll'
  RVA 00003740, 00007ffb`86df0000 - 00007ffb`86fa8000: 'C:\Windows\System32\twinapi.appcore.dll'
  RVA 000037AC, 00007ffb`86c90000 - 00007ffb`86cb1000: 'C:\Windows\System32\rmclient.dll'
  RVA 00003818, 00007ffb`818f0000 - 00007ffb`81966000: 'C:\Windows\System32\MMDevAPI.dll'
  RVA 00003884, 00007ffb`7f390000 - 00007ffb`7f4bc000: 'C:\Windows\System32\AudioSes.dll'
  RVA 000038F0, 00007ffb`832c0000 - 00007ffb`8340d000: 'C:\Windows\System32\WinTypes.dll'
  RVA 0000395C, 00007ffb`7f2f0000 - 00007ffb`7f2fa000: 'C:\Windows\System32\avrt.dll'
  RVA 000039C8, 00007ffb`80060000 - 00007ffb`80174000: 'C:\Windows\System32\Windows.UI.dll'
  RVA 00003A34, 00007ffb`7ff80000 - 00007ffb`80017000: 'C:\Windows\System32\TextInputFramework.dll'
  RVA 00003AA0, 00007ffb`7feb0000 - 00007ffb`7ff29000: 'C:\Windows\System32\InputHost.dll'
  RVA 00003B0C, 00007ffb`7fa90000 - 00007ffb`7fdae000: 'C:\Windows\System32\CoreUIComponents.dll'
  RVA 00003B78, 00007ffb`7f750000 - 00007ffb`7f82a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\CoreMessaging.dll'
  RVA 00003BE4, 00007ffb`80340000 - 00007ffb`80372000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\softokn3.dll'
  RVA 00003C50, 00007ffb`7e290000 - 00007ffb`7e2b1000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\nssdbm3.dll'
  RVA 00003CBC, 00007ffb`6f7f0000 - 00007ffb`6f877000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\freebl3.dll'
  RVA 00003D28, 00007ffb`797a0000 - 00007ffb`79804000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\nssckbi.dll'
  RVA 00003D94, 00007ffb`6afc0000 - 00007ffb`6b455000: 'C:\Windows\System32\explorerframe.dll'
  RVA 00003E00, 00007ffb`860a0000 - 00007ffb`86112000: 'C:\Windows\System32\FWPUCLNT.DLL'
  RVA 00003E6C, 00007ffb`88070000 - 00007ffb`88095000: 'C:\Windows\System32\bcrypt.dll'
  RVA 00003ED8, 00007ffb`837e0000 - 00007ffb`837ea000: 'C:\Windows\System32\rasadhlp.dll'
  RVA 00003F44, 00007ffb`6d680000 - 00007ffb`6d708000: 'C:\Windows\System32\appresolver.dll'
  RVA 00003FB0, 00007ffb`756d0000 - 00007ffb`75720000: 'C:\Windows\System32\Bcp47Langs.dll'
  RVA 0000401C, 00007ffb`87530000 - 00007ffb`87557000: 'C:\Windows\System32\slc.dll'
  RVA 00004088, 00007ffb`87470000 - 00007ffb`87495000: 'C:\Windows\System32\sppc.dll'
  RVA 000040F4, 00007ffb`81e80000 - 00007ffb`81e8d000: 'C:\Windows\System32\linkinfo.dll'
  RVA 00004160, 00007ffb`81da0000 - 00007ffb`81e7a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\ntshrui.dll'
  RVA 000041CC, 00007ffb`88440000 - 00007ffb`88470000: 'C:\Windows\System32\sspicli.dll'
  RVA 00004238, 00007ffb`82910000 - 00007ffb`82936000: 'C:\Windows\System32\srvcli.dll'
  RVA 000042A4, 00007ffb`75680000 - 00007ffb`75692000: 'C:\Windows\System32\cscapi.dll'
  RVA 00004310, 00007ffb`852a0000 - 00007ffb`8531f000: 'C:\Windows\System32\policymanager.dll'
  RVA 0000437C, 00007ffb`85140000 - 00007ffb`851d1000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msvcp110_win.dll'
  RVA 000043E8, 00007ffb`7f4c0000 - 00007ffb`7f4cc000: 'C:\Windows\System32\secur32.dll'
  RVA 00004454, 00007ffb`87cc0000 - 00007ffb`87d31000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msv1_0.dll'
  RVA 000044C0, 00007ffb`87fa0000 - 00007ffb`87fad000: 'C:\Windows\System32\NtlmShared.dll'
  RVA 0000452C, 00007ffb`87f70000 - 00007ffb`87f84000: 'C:\Windows\System32\cryptdll.dll'
  RVA 00004598, 00007ffb`6d410000 - 00007ffb`6d454000: 'C:\Windows\System32\edputil.dll'
  RVA 00004604, 00007ffb`87f50000 - 00007ffb`87f67000: 'C:\Windows\System32\cryptsp.dll'
  RVA 00004670, 00007ffb`87930000 - 00007ffb`87963000: 'C:\Windows\System32\rsaenh.dll'
  RVA 000046DC, 00007ffb`57c10000 - 00007ffb`57dcd000: 'C:\Windows\System32\quartz.dll'
  RVA 00004748, 00007ffb`83b80000 - 00007ffb`83ba9000: 'C:\Windows\System32\qasf.dll'
  RVA 000047B4, 00007ffb`60230000 - 00007ffb`6047a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\WMVCORE.DLL'
  RVA 00004820, 00007ffb`5e520000 - 00007ffb`5e52a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msdmo.dll'
  RVA 0000488C, 00007ffb`839b0000 - 00007ffb`83a03000: 'C:\Windows\System32\WMASF.DLL'
  RVA 000048F8, 00007ffb`5a1e0000 - 00007ffb`5a30b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\mfperfhelper.dll'
  RVA 00004964, 00007ffb`83b60000 - 00007ffb`83b7d000: 'C:\Windows\System32\MP3DMOD.DLL'
  RVA 000049D0, 00007ffb`65450000 - 00007ffb`6562b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\mfplat.dll'
  RVA 00004A3C, 00007ffb`70a10000 - 00007ffb`70a3e000: 'C:\Windows\System32\RTWorkQ.dll'
  RVA 00004AA8, 00007ffb`796c0000 - 00007ffb`796fc000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\mozavutil.dll'
  RVA 00004B14, 00007ffb`60080000 - 00007ffb`60222000: 'C:\Program Files\Pale Moon\mozavcodec.dll'
  RVA 00004B80, 00007ffb`70ea0000 - 00007ffb`70f1b000: 'C:\Windows\System32\mf.dll'
  RVA 00004BEC, 00007ffb`65950000 - 00007ffb`65972000: 'C:\Windows\System32\dxva2.dll'
  RVA 00004C58, 00007ffb`80250000 - 00007ffb`8030a000: 'C:\Windows\System32\evr.dll'
  RVA 00004CC4, 00007ffb`4b8d0000 - 00007ffb`4bb27000: 'C:\Windows\System32\msmpeg2vdec.dll'
  RVA 00004D30, 00007ffb`76e30000 - 00007ffb`76e9e000: 'C:\Windows\System32\MSAudDecMFT.dll'
Stream 2: type FunctionTableStream (13), size 000002A8, RVA 00004D9C
  4 function tables
    0: min 00000232`01b00000, max 00000232`01b0fbc0, base 00000232`01b00000, entries 1
    1: min 00000232`01b10000, max 00000232`01b1fbc0, base 00000232`01b10000, entries 1
    2: min 00000232`01b20000, max 00000232`01b2fbc0, base 00000232`01b20000, entries 1
    3: min 00000232`01fe0000, max 00000232`01fefbc0, base 00000232`01fe0000, entries 1
Stream 3: type MemoryListStream (5), size 00009C44, RVA 0001BB9A
  2500 memory ranges
  range#    RVA      Address             Size
       0 000257DE    00007ffb`35f61000   00000000`00215100
       1 0023A8DE    00007ffb`6093f000   00000000`000a0570
       2 002DAE4E    00007ffb`8036c000   00000000`00000b98
       3 002DB9E6    00007ffb`88f6c000   00000000`00004590
       4 002DFF76    00007ffb`7571d000   00000000`000000c0
       5 002E0036    00000079`c2808000   00000000`00004000
       6 002E4036    00007ffb`60218000   00000000`00000480
       7 002E44B6    00007ffb`8986c000   00000000`000000f0
       8 002E45A6    00000232`09f2d1d0   00000000`00000008
       9 002E45AE    00000232`09f2d1f0   00000000`00000008
      10 002E45B6    00000232`09f2d210   00000000`00000008
  Total memory: 51fc97
Stream 4: type ExceptionStream (6), size 000000A8, RVA 00000654
  ThreadID 10280
  ExceptionCode C0000005
  ExceptionRecord 0
  ExceptionAddress 7ffb32e7ad04
  Context record RVA 82e4, size 4d0
Stream 5: type SystemInfoStream (7), size 00000038, RVA 000000C8
  ProcessorArchitecture   0009 (PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64)
  ProcessorLevel          0006
  ProcessorRevision       3C03
  NumberOfProcessors      08
  MajorVersion            0000000A
  MinorVersion            00000000
  BuildNumber             000042EE (17134)
  PlatformId              00000002 (VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT)
  CSDVersionRva           00005494
                            Length: 0
  Product: WinNt, suite: SingleUserTS
Stream 6: type MiscInfoStream (15), size 00000554, RVA 00000100
Stream 7: type ??? (21), size 000001EC, RVA 00005044
Dir entry 7, ??? stream has unknown stream type 21
Stream 8: type ??? (22), size 00000098, RVA 00005230
Dir entry 8, ??? stream has unknown stream type 22
Stream 9: type ??? (24), size 000001CC, RVA 000052C8
Dir entry 9, ??? stream has unknown stream type 24
Stream 10: type UnusedStream (0), size 00000000, RVA 00000000
Stream 11: type UnusedStream (0), size 00000000, RVA 00000000
Stream 12: type UnusedStream (0), size 00000000, RVA 00000000
Stream 13: type UnusedStream (0), size 00000000, RVA 00000000

I can supply these dumps or follow instructions with debuggind using WinDbg if it helps.


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Pale Moon guru
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Moonchild » Mon, 19 Nov 2018, 22:48

To meaningfully analyze the dump file you need to use the correct symbols and source matching the binaries.
it may be simplest to upload the dump file(s) to the ftp server for me to look at.
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Tue, 20 Nov 2018, 00:45


Link to zipped dump sent as PM.

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Pale Moon guru
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Moonchild » Tue, 20 Nov 2018, 08:11

Thanks for the dump, that immediately showed me what is going on. The crash is in nsHttpPipeline::PushBack.
Your suspicion looks to be right; it looks like your proxy is yanking the connection out from under us when it encounters pipelined requests (it probably doesn't understand them, not being spec compliant, and simply terminates the connection as a result after a single request is processed, breaking the HTTP standard for persistent connections). That's really bad behavior of the proxy.
You should be able to solve it by disabling http pipelining. Set network.http.pipelining to false and restart the browser.
I'll add a check for the connection in the browser code to avoid a crash where possible.
Even if so, your connection state will likely still be confused since we lost the connection completely without it being properly closed.
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Improving Mozilla code: You know you're on the right track with code changes when you spend the majority of your time deleting code.

"If you want to build a better world for yourself, you have to be willing to build one for everybody." -- Coyote Osborne

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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Tue, 20 Nov 2018, 12:23

Thanks for reply and investigation.
I'll try to disable pipelining tomorrow & let you know about results.

Yes, I know that the proxy is dodgy. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it :(

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Pale Moon guru
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Moonchild » Wed, 21 Nov 2018, 19:07

Today's unstable channel version of the browser should no longer crash due to this particular problem.
It would be great if you could give this a try to verify that the crash has indeed been fixed?
Improving Mozilla code: You know you're on the right track with code changes when you spend the majority of your time deleting code.

"If you want to build a better world for yourself, you have to be willing to build one for everybody." -- Coyote Osborne

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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Wed, 21 Nov 2018, 21:26

It was my own fault. For some reason I enabled "pipelining over proxy" just before upgrading to 28.2.1 and completely forgotten about the change I made. I knew that our proxy was dodgy, still did it. Silly me.
When I switched this setting off (after your mentioned pipelining) the crashes gone. I was not touched other pipeline-related settings you mentioned.

Anyway, it is good that you've made the change so bad behaviour proxies would not cause crashes.
I downloaded 28.3.0a1 portable, installed minimum set of extensions (that I cannot live without), switched the "pipelining over proxy" on and testing.
This will require some time, but I will definitely reply back with results.

Thanks one more time and sorry for causing troubles.

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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby fifonik » Fri, 23 Nov 2018, 04:32

UPDATE: I've being used the portable 28.3.0a1 with "pipelining over proxy" option switched ON and our not well behavioring proxy for 2 full days and have not got any crashes.
Thanks a lot.

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Pale Moon guru
Pale Moon guru
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Re: PM 28.0.1 crash

Unread postby Moonchild » Fri, 23 Nov 2018, 10:48

Thanks for verifying. I'll be locking this thread now because its topic title is pretty poor and has already been used for several unrelated things.
Improving Mozilla code: You know you're on the right track with code changes when you spend the majority of your time deleting code.

"If you want to build a better world for yourself, you have to be willing to build one for everybody." -- Coyote Osborne

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