Image Zoom Bug?

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Re: Image Zoom Bug?

Post by Cassette » 2018-09-04, 10:29

I've been quite amused reading the level of passion and certainty that Pale Moon is definitely at fault! Now it's time for you to be corrected.

It's actually a known issue with Image Zoom. See here

There is a fixed version that should work for you. I've been using it for some time. See here ... y-attempt/

You're welcome.

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Re: Image Zoom Bug?

Post by therube » 2018-09-04, 10:56

Just to note, that more important then an image not displaying correctly, is something like this - which is not fixed:

Bug 691102 zombie compartments if Image Zoom in use

And in that respect, while one may have "used for years" or "worked fine for years" or whatever, this extension, potentially many extensions, are affecting you - in a negative way, even though "everything works".

(BTW, Image Zoom 0.5.4 had a, what I consider [& if I'm remembering correctly], fit-to-width function, that was changed, for the worse IMO, in 0.6.3 ;-).)

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Re: Image Zoom Bug?

Post by fillerup » 2018-09-04, 14:14

how not to conduct yourself on an internet forum 101
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