Yahoo Email not working

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Re: Yahoo Email not working

Post by RuneRaion » 2018-08-02, 22:45

I was using the Classic Mail option to access Yahoo mail but they recently removed that option and the default is now the "New" look only.

However, you can still access Classic if you disable Javascript. New mail will pop up briefly but then disappear leaving a dialog box saying to enable JS but will also offer the Classic mail option. I have contacted Yahoo about this but never get a reply (although I later get a survey asking how happy I was with their support so I know they are getting my complaints).

What is tripping up PM and not other browsers I can't say but this is a workaround until they kill Classic Mail altogether.

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Re: Yahoo Email not working

Post by 1210_bex » 2018-08-03, 04:04

Interesting. I just logged onto my Yahoo Mail account (which I hardly ever use) and I immediately got Classic Email. There was even a link asking if I wanted to try their new (can't remember the exact words) Email.

I have not disabled Javascript, to my knowledge.


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Re: Yahoo Email not working

Post by Case_Of » 2018-08-22, 12:08

It isn't working anymore today, even with javascript disabled.
First because they added a Google captcha, and second even if disabling javascript after login, Yahoo Mail is looping on the message that the browser isn't supported.
Before I remember it was working when using an IE7 user agent on the classic mail version, I should check if it is still the case.

Edit: IE7 user agent does not change anything. I found a workaround though. Go to Yahoo Mail using the following link: ... D492165382
or this one ... =492165382
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Re: Yahoo Email not working

Post by therube » 2018-08-22, 16:21

On my account, I have always used "Classic".
It always comes up Classic.
I do nothing one way or the other to affect anything.
It just works that way.
(Knock on wood.)

My brothers computer, also used Classic.
Though he had a weird issue with a particular mail that I thought might be rectified by switching to Yahoo's "new" mail. So "new" it went (though it did not help the issue).

So then I went to revert from new to Classic.
Went into Yahoo settings & told it, "Basic" (aka the more recent "Classic"), but that did nothing.
No matter what I tried, all that happened was it would go to the screen that says to update your browser; Chrome, IE, Firefox - or, it said, click here to (what was it, something like, to use Classic).

And that dialog, simply looped, back to that very dialog.

I could call up, from browser history, various Yahoo mail URLs, & that worked, displaying as Classic.
Or I could open a URL like,, & that would work, but I could not successfully get into mail by typing

So, I spoofed the UA:
> Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:38.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/2.2 Firefox/38.9 PaleMoon/26.5.0

And with that works (automatically rolling over to

No clue as to why I see different behaviors on different users accounts?
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