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WebM Freezing

Posted: 2018-06-21, 03:50
by bogdanz
Hi there,

I have discovered an ongoing issue where .webm playback freezes the browser under certain circumstances. For one, if multiple webm's appear on one page. Another is cause by particularly high definition files that are of 1920x1080 resolution or higher.

When this occurs, the entire browser becomes unresponsive and cannot be recovered.

Any ideas on how to fix this? The issue does not occur on FF or Chrome.

Re: WebM Freezing

Posted: 2018-06-21, 10:05
by therube
URLs where this occurs?

Re: WebM Freezing

Posted: 2018-06-22, 18:14
by badnick
I don't know about the first part but 1080p/60fps videos works very well for me at only 7-10 % CPU

Re: WebM Freezing

Posted: 2018-07-22, 02:33
by bogdanz
therube wrote:URLs where this occurs?
Sorry, I missed this up until now. This was happening on mainly.