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F6 key

Unread postby Clodulf » Sat, 26 May 2018, 21:47


This bug is when I am in the internet site Bing search I press the key "F6" and the cursor does not go to the address line : that is the problem. Could you change this ? That concerns only Palemoon for Windows.

When I go on Google search, and I press F6 key, the cursor goes on the address line on the top of the screen.

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Re: F6 key

Unread postby yami_ » Sun, 27 May 2018, 09:41

I can confirm this. This seems to be caused by their scripting. Also if you click F6 several times the URLBar will became selected.
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Re: F6 key

Unread postby JustOff » Sun, 27 May 2018, 10:09

F6 is specific to Google, but Alt+D and Ctrl+L work everywhere.
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