Background thread hang after infinite-scrolling a long way on

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Background thread hang after infinite-scrolling a long way on

Postby Funkster » Wed, 18 Oct 2017, 15:46

Hi folks,

I've put this under windows (10, 64bit) but it affects the Linux build also (Fedora 24 32 & 64 bit).

If I go on and keep infinite-scrolling / loading new tweets for a while, eventually some background part of PM will get stuck in a loop (one CPU core goes to 100%) and every window (including the check-for-updates downloader) loses the ability to transfer data.

Sometimes closing the window with Twitter in might make it come back to life, but usually it's a kill-process job to get it back. I've seen PM carry on running with the same one-core-pegged even after closing all windows, and it required a kill -9 to stop it.

Anyone else seen this? It's a fairly recent behaviour, maybe the last couple of months.

EDIT to add: PM 27.5.1, 27.5.0 and the release before that all definitely affected, beyond that I don't trust my memory.

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