Pale Moon stops loading pages

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Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby PCMasterRace » Tue, 22 Aug 2017, 07:30

After a while (maybe after hitting a certain threshold of tabs open???) Pale Moon stops loading pages, or perhaps it loads them really slowly and many time out and fail to load. Restarting or ctrl-alt-deleting and recovering PM fixes the issue. Does this happen for anyone else? I use a ton of extensions, so maybe it's one of them, I am looking into that. I will list them, maybe someone else who has the same issue will see they also use one of these extensions.
All Menus Button,; CheckCompatibility, 1.3.1-signed; Close Tabs to the Left, 1.2.1-signed
Custom Buttons,; Custom Tab Width,; Custom Toolbars Plus, 52.3.6; Dorando Keyconfig, 2016.2
DownloadHelper,; DT Whois, 1.7.1-signed; Flagfox, 5.1.25; FlashGot,
Gmail Checker 2.6.6; Google Translator for Firefox,; Greasemonkey, 1.15.1-signed
IDM Integration, 6.27.3; Integrated Google Calendar,; Menu Icons Plus, 3.2.1-signed;
No Close Buttons, 0.1.2; Open about:config, 1.2; Redirector, 2.9.3;
Restart Manager, 1.09; Session Manager,; Toolbar Buttons, 1.1.1-signed;
uMatrix, 1.0.0; Whois Lookup & Hosting & DNS & Site Flags, 1.28.1-signed; Whois Mind,

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Re: Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby RJARRRPCGP » Wed, 30 Aug 2017, 16:27

I seem to sometimes (unconfirmed, sorry) have an issue where the browser possibly gives up without an error message and shows me a blank page!

Reminds me of Netscape 4.7x or the like in the very late-1990s or the very early-2000s, where it randomly gives up and just says "Done" on the lower left, IIRC... :thumbdown:

It's most likely to happen on I hope it was just a brief server issue...

Windows 10 Home with "Creators Update" on a Pentium Braswell N3700.

Braswell shan't be a load of bull like Intel graphics was in the Pentium III era, FFS!


Re: Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby dark_moon » Thu, 31 Aug 2017, 23:02

Since nobody have that problem you should disable your addons one-by-one

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Re: Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby Phenir » Wed, 13 Sep 2017, 03:54

I also get that issue. It seems to occur mostly if I visit twitter. All new pages will continuously load when it happens. It's not a network issue as I can use other programs that connect to the internet just fine. Sometimes the issue resolves itself after some minutes or forceably by restarting the browser. I'm not using any of those addons though.

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Re: Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby timhok » Mon, 02 Oct 2017, 16:25

I have similar problem, after visiting several pages (for example this one: Pale Moon just completely stops loading content until restart.
Safe mode does not helps, so it is not about addons.

Windows 7, no AV installed, no bitdefender

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Re: Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby badnick » Mon, 02 Oct 2017, 18:29

Hmm, that's smell somehow like what's happens to me ?( see lasts post):

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Re: Pale Moon stops loading pages

Postby Sajadi » Mon, 02 Oct 2017, 19:21

No issue here with the latest unstable version. Neither on Windows 7 or 8.

Some possible issue reasons ways to find the issue:

1) When copy-pasting the profile from recent Firefox versions into Pale Moon, that does not work out in a good way as Mozilla changed a lot of stuff which makes newer Firefox profiles quite incompatible. You can import the bookmarks for example but not just copy paste the profile as a whole.

2) As it was already said that deactivating add-ons changed nothing, try to make a fresh profile and see if the issue arrives with a totally fresh one

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