Palemoon.DMP is there a program I can use to open this file

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Palemoon.DMP is there a program I can use to open this file

Unread post by CBinAustralia » 2018-08-28, 05:52

Is there a program or easy way to open this "Palemoon.DMP" file I have saved.

I am new to palemoon and started my usual way of working through information gathering internet by opening many tabs as I do in other browsers except palemoon totally froze and I couldn't save all my work I'd spent 2 hours on (do not have any idea how many tabs I had open).

I created a dump file and restarted my pc then found the file on my pc, inside the main "dump file" was the palemoon.dmp file that was 3.65GB in size and I'm guessing that's got all the tabs I had open and any information I want to recover. I don't care about debugging or figuring out why it crashed I just want to recover my website visits, I was using a new private window at the time due to using a shared computer.

Any simple help would be very appreciated as I'm not very computer savvy

Thank you

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Re: Palemoon.DMP is there a program I can use to open this file

Unread post by Lew Rockwell Fan » 2018-09-02, 20:53

This is probably not a high-value answer, & it may or may be useful, but since it's been the better part of a week since you asked, I'll give it a shot. Windows people, don't snipe at me here. I'm not in your church. If you know a better answer, post it.

Since this isn't in the linux subforum, I assume this is under Windows which handicaps me. It's been almost 2 decades since I used it. Could you try renaming the file by adding a ".txt" extension and then maybe you could inspect it with some light weight text editor? I presume the current windows command interpreter (last I heard, I think it was cmd.exe) that automatically loads in a new terminal emulator (commonly but incorrectly called the "dos prompt") has the equivalent of the commands "cat" & "grep" which are recognized by most or all interpreters in 'nix environments. If you don't know and can't find out what the equivalents are, I'm pretty sure you can install a bash for Windows. So in a terminal you can do the equivalent (and it's up to you to figure out what that is - I don't speak cmd) of

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cat path-filename.ext-of-whatever-it-is-you-want-to-inspect | grep "$grepfor"
and repeat trying different values of the variable "grepfor". Maybe you can remember part of the domain names for instance. Or if there are too many results you can try something like "^http". Or if the file isn't broken up into lines you can try the -o option for grep but then you'll have to figure out an appropriate regex. Or I believe there is an option for grep to return X number of characters before and after the match. Whatever cmd uses instead of grep probably has similar options.

Good luck. If nothing else, I've bumped your thread, so maybe somebody able to give you a better answer will. It might be worthwhile for you to carefully and explicitly say exactly what data you want to recover. Will the list of pages you had open suffice?
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Re: Palemoon.DMP is there a program I can use to open this file

Unread post by therube » 2018-09-03, 17:59

3+ GB, I doubt a text editor (i.e., notepad) would open that file, or at least efficiently.
Yes, I'm sure there are 3rd party editors, viewers, hex editors that would open the efficiently.

And then grep, I'd have doubts on that too, as I'd expect ? the .dmp to be a "binary" file (with textual data too, yes, that grep should find, though without much in the way as a "context marker", like an EOL). [Though my grep, GNU 2.5.4, I'm not getting anything but, "Binary file moz6E84.tmp.2556.dmp matches" ? And offhand not finding a switch to use?]

(And yes, just another bump. That I've been wanting to do on a couple other threads too.)

I'd think you'd be in particularly bad shape, considering the Private Window.
And all that the .dmp may have would be strings that happened to be in memory captured by the dump.
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Re: Palemoon.DMP is there a program I can use to open this file

Unread post by xtal256 » 2018-09-07, 06:50

WinDbg can open .dmp ("dump") files. From the menu, go File > Open Crash Dump...

However, you might have trouble finding what you are looking for. These files are a complete memory dump of the application, so it's not all going to be text.
That said, WinDbg does have commands for finding text-like strings in memory (I think). If you wanted to know all URLs you had open, you could find all strings in memory then grep for ones that look like URLs.
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