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Unread postby DIMOJABE » Sat, 20 Jan 2018, 12:29

[.doc Screenshots file would not upload for this post. Got "file ext" error. Only run Windows7/Old MSWord on this refurb "throw away" PC... Sorry.]

I am a SWFl USA customer w/C-Link. Other two options? Worse or no infrastructure. Oligarchy/Industry captured regulators/Revolving door. Meow.

The US FCC Ruling to De-Regulate Telecomm management of Internet traffic was around Christmas 2017. Two weeks later, I tried to watch a movie.

Not a frequent movie watcher, but never really had any serious issues besides malware. This time? Terminal bufferring. Went to C-Link tech support Manila. Got a bogus speed test from their own tester. Got a modem reconfig (that's what the screen shot sequence is about) initiated the next day. It took over Pale Moon's boot sequence. I was freaked OUT. You can see what happened in the screen shots if I can load them later.

Did a crash course on connectivity. Learned what I'm buying and how to run multiple speed tests. C-L had me at 1/2 of the 10 mbps I'm paying $45/month for... Then went to YT and found ThioJoe and did his magnetic induction trick with the batteries taped to the data cable. Amazing. Just over 10 mbps now (Latency 7). F-C-L.

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