utility for multiple instances of Pale Moon

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utility for multiple instances of Pale Moon

Unread postby Proteus » Mon, 04 Dec 2017, 14:27

If you want to have a further, independent instance of Pale Moon then you have to either create a shortcut (or on the command line) with the parameters --no-remote --ProfileManager or --no-remote -P profilename.

Mozilla offers a utility for managing user profiles, the Profile Manager. Download here: http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/utilities/profilemanager/1.0/

This utility also works with Pale Moon. Example configuration (my system is Linux Ubuntu):
  • Pale Moon profile folder: /home/username/.moonchild productions/pale moon
  • Firefox profile folder: /home/username/.mozilla/firefox
  • Profile Manager folder: /home/username/.mozilla/profilemanager
Add to /home/username/.mozilla/profilemanager/appconfig.ini at section [firefox]

example of appconfig.ini:

Code: Select all


If you have Firefox installed additionally then edit /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini. If you haven't Firefox installed then create this file.
example entry of a Pale Moon profile in Firefox profile.ini:

Code: Select all

Path=/home/username/.moonchild productions/pale moon/d36stjw8.default

You can copy the profile details from /home/username/.moonchild productions/pale moon/profiles.ini. Please note:
  • do not confuse the order of the profile numbers
  • IsRelative=0
  • Path=full path to profile
That's all.

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