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Interlink default reply account

Posted: 2024-02-01, 16:26
by PM-user
When an email comes in, and you reply to it. is there a way to set the default account it will use to reply? Currently it just replies using the account the email came in on.

I know you can set the default account, but that only works for composing a new message.

Re: Interlink default reply account

Posted: 2024-02-01, 17:14
by Moonchild
(this applies to Epyrus, but interlink would likely be the same)

In settings for your account, there is a "default identity" where you can enter the information to use. If you don't want to us a receiving address as a sending address, you can remove that from the list of identities in "Manage identities" - if there is no matching identity when replying, the default will be used. Note that you can't do this if you sometimes want to use the receiving address -- in that case your option is to use the drop-down in the compose window to switch to your default identity.

Re: Interlink default reply account

Posted: 2024-02-01, 17:21
by PM-user
Yes that is the default I used:

Edit > Account Settings > [select desired account] > Set As Default

But it still uses the incoming email account for the outgoing, and I do use the incoming account sometimes for the outgoing.

So I guess I'll have to manually select the outgoing account each time before sending.

Re: Interlink default reply account

Posted: 2024-03-21, 20:12
by Bilbo47
Would this work: Set the incoming account to have a missing or non-valid outgoing server. Theoretically a reply message that is automatically configured with that server would then fail to send. When correcting that issue or composing the reply before even attempting to send, manually set the "From" field to an name+email address that is associated with an Identity that is linked to an outgoing server that *is* valid. The email client would be required to re-configure the message to use the manually-selected server.

You could have one account for outgoing only, and several accounts for incoming only, all at the same domain. The outgoing would have many identities, each corresponding to one of the incomings. The "Default" identity for the outgoing account is defined as the first one in the "Identities for <account name>" list. That default identity could have a non-valid email address @ThatDomain as a reminder to manually select the replying identity each time. The last part is, the incoming accounts should be set to all use the one outgoing account for sending.

Re: Interlink default reply account

Posted: 2024-04-27, 13:28
by PM-user
Sounds like this would require a manual step for each email.

Re: Interlink default reply account

Posted: 2024-04-28, 15:30
by Bilbo47
That depends on what kind of address you're replying from.
For an address that is a real email account, just select that address/account from the dropdown.
For an address that is "only" an identity, defined as part of an IL "account", that is also listed in the dropdown.
For an address that is a *forwarder* defined only on the server side, yes this procedure is fully manual where you have to type/paste in the From-address.
A relevant add-on is Identity Chooser Later versions may not work because they're aimed at TB.