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Addude - Streamlines (a bit) the packaging of extensions

Posted: 2021-03-27, 22:59
by Jalkhov
Well, I want to present you a tiny tool that I developed for personal use but maybe it will be useful to someone else. It is a simple utility to pack the folders of the extensions that we develop, yes, we know that this can be done easily with right click, compress with winrar and change the extension of the file, but I personally get bored of that process, also I wanted to add the small advantage of excluding elements (files or folders) from the final compressed file, this was very useful when I had files that I only used for testing and I didn't want them to be in the compressed file.

The tool is in a Github repository so feel free to contribute :D I know it's not a revolutionary tool but for me personally (I'm very lazy when it comes to monotonous tasks) it has saved me some time. It's not an explicit tool for Pale Moon but I hope it will be well received :wave:
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Download for Opening version [x32 Bits]