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GuidGenX update!

Posted: 2018-05-05, 23:45
by Moonchild
Sooo... Because Tobin asked me to add C++ .h format to the tool, I loaded it up and updated GuidGenX.

I actually found a bug in it! The suffixes were generated incorrectly due to a typo on my part, so Pale Moon and a bunch of extensions based on v4bis GUID generation have an incorrect suffix for the ID string fed into it. Ultimately it matters very little, but be aware that any suffixes generated from v1.1 onward for the same ID string will be different.
  • Fixed said UID bug.
  • Updated copyright
  • Updated neobook version (and binary generated with the newer one, of course)
  • Added copy buttons for IDL string and C++ .h string to clipboard.