Basilisk EoL information

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Basilisk EoL information

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-05-16, 06:56

As regulars on this forum know, Basilisk has been discontinued. Since there were no genuine offers for takeover, the website and downloads will stay up as-is for a while yet but will not be further updated in any way and will eventually go away.

Reasons for discontinuation:
  • Relevance: With UXP no longer needing a dedicated development application, Basilisk's use case has been vastly reduced.
  • EME requires Google licensing, which Google has refused to grant
  • WebRTC, while technically working in WebRTC tests, is factually irrelevant on the websites that want to use it because the relevant websites, in effect, lock down WebRTC use to Chromium's client implementation
  • Legacy Firefox browser extensions will run in Pale Moon unhindered from v31 onwards
These points all reduce the need for Basilisk to "be a thing", and I decided to discontinue it with the option for a takeover by interested parties late 2021. Since some people have made a mockery of that offer, I've decided to withdraw it in May 2022. If you wish to make a rebranded fork of it, feel free. Just make sure you adhere to the MPL when you do so and do not use any of Basilisk's branding or trademarks.
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