How do I make Pale Moon give status like Firefox?

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How do I make Pale Moon give status like Firefox?

Post by Moonchild » 2012-03-29, 09:24

How do I make Pale Moon give status like Firefox?

A fairly common question seems to be how to make Pale Moon not use the status bar but mimic Firefox or Chrome by providing limited status feedback in a popup tooltip instead of using the status bar. A quick guide to do this here:

Go to "Status bar options..." in your Application menu (Pale Moon button) or Tools menu

In the "Status" category, tab "General", set things up as follows:
  • Show status in: Pop-up
  • Deselect "Show default status"
  • Deselect "Allow web pages to change the status"
  • Show links in: Pop-up
Then hide your status bar from the screen from the Application menu by deselecting it under options (Hotkey: Ctrl+/)

If you want to really get even less feedback like Firefox, you can also deselect "Show background network status" to no longer show communication with third party servers or from background processes. I don't recommend this, but it's your choice.
Of course, you can decide to configure it exactly to your liking as well, while you are there. Maybe you prefer to see page load progress after all (missing from the setup now) -- you can also have this displayed "Safari-style" in the address bar, for example, so feel free to poke around a little and experiment with the settings!
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