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Is Pale Moon affiliated with Mozilla?

Posted: 2014-04-04, 22:10
by Moonchild
Is Pale Moon affiliated with Mozilla?


Pale Moon (and Moonchild Productions) is in no way associated or affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation or Mozilla Foundation. Neither Pale Moon nor the developer have any ties with Mozilla, financially or otherwise. Mozilla does not benefit from people using Pale Moon.

Pale Moon is a fully independent product.

So what link is there with Mozilla?

Only one: We have used the freely available Open Source code of Mozilla/Firefox to make the Pale Moon fork.

This statement here is in place to let people know that if they wish to abandon Mozilla products as a whole for whatever reason, they can feel confident in using Pale Moon as an alternative.

Re: Is Pale Moon affiliated with Mozilla?

Posted: 2014-04-10, 10:11
by Moonchild
Update: Web sites boycotting Mozilla products

Unfortunately, some website owners (webmasters) have recently taken it upon themselves to block or annoy visitors to their sites if they are using Firefox, because they want to boycott Mozilla Products (for a few different reasons). Sadly, these filters cause a lot of confusion because:
  1. The way the message is worded is unclear (a few cases the way it's worded makes it seem as if the browser, not the website, is blocking access)
  2. The filters are inaccurate and "blanket" every browser that has Firefox in their UserAgent string, also blocking Firefox-compatible browsers (like Pale Moon, Cyberfox, Waterfox, etc.) that have nothing to do with the Mozilla Corporation.
What does this mean?
  • To be absolutely clear: Pale Moon does not and will not censor your website traffic to any site. If your access is blocked with a "Mozilla corporation" or "Firefox" message, it is because the website is blocking you based on what software you choose to use to visit them.
  • Webmasters putting these filters on their sites need to be notified immediately if they have such a filter in place that blocks Pale Moon, because Pale Moon is not affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation and should not be affected. They need to be more accurate in their detection script/filter and only block official Mozilla builds
For webmasters who are boycotting Mozilla products:
Please be aware that (because of the still wide-spread practice of UserAgent-sniffing for capabilities), Pale Moon is required to indicate compatibility with Firefox in its UserAgent.
Please adjust your filters to take Pale Moon into account. Pale moon has a generic UserAgent string of:

Code: Select all

Mozilla/5.0 ([[OS]]; [[arch]]; rv:[[gecko version]]) Gecko/[[date]] Firefox/[[compatibility version]] PaleMoon/[[Pale moon version]]
Example for Pale Moon 24.4.2 x86 on Windows 7 x64:

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Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20140329 Firefox/24.0 PaleMoon/24.4.2
Conversely, Firefox will always have a listed build date of Gecko/20100101 instead of the actual build date, and will never have PaleMoon/nn.nn.nn in its UA string.

Re: Is Pale Moon affiliated with Mozilla?

Posted: 2014-04-27, 10:40
by Moonchild
More information about websites thinking Pale Moon = Firefox

Since there is apparently still confusion about this, a few notes:
  1. If you visit certain sites (Including Mozilla Firefox product pages and the likes), they may think you are using Mozilla Firefox. This is because I (on purpose) set the "Firefox Compatibility" flag in Pale Moon, which makes the browser indicate in its User Agent string that it is Firefox compatible.
    This compatibility flag can be disabled in about:config, by setting general.useragent.compatMode.firefox to false
    As of Pale Moon 25.0.2, you can more easily do this by unchecking "Firefox Compatibility mode" in Options -> Advanced, tab General.
  2. This compatibility mode is needed for a lot of websites that determine browser capabilities by way of the UserAgent (a bad practice, but still widespread because it is very easy for website designers to implement). If they find an "unknown" browser, the website may break in unpredictable ways, or what is often done these days, switch to a "mobile" version of the website which really doesn't work for desktop browsing. Ultimately, the website owners need to fix this and do proper capability or browser detection - please do write them if you find a broken website.
  3. This is a trade-off. You have to choose to let Pale Moon indicate Firefox compatibility (with the chance of being detected as Firefox), or to drop the compatibility indicator (with the chance of websites breaking or displaying incorrect website layouts for desktop use).
  4. So, by default, I choose to give people more compatibility, so it doesn't interfere with their browsing. People who want to break away from Firefox completely and want to drop any Firefox ID in the browser User Agent, can simply do so by setting the above preference or changing the option, at the risk of encountering "unknown browser" issues while browsing.