I want to donate using cryptocurrency!

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I want to donate using cryptocurrency!

Postby Moonchild » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:01 am

I want to donate using cryptocurrency!

I currently only accept donations in BitCoin (BTC):

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By popular demand and because theme!, also Mooncoin (MOON):

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Unfortunately, other currencies are simply undoable to accept donations in at this time. People wanting to donate in cryptocurrency are very few and far-between, and having to maintain separate wallets for single-time donations by one person is simply too much of a time-sink to consider.

As a solution for the plethora of altcoins available, there is a "shapeshift" button ("pay with altcoins") on the Pale Moon home page which will let you donate in other cryptocurrency, which will be automatically converted to BTC and donated to our wallet.

If you're willing to donate hashing time in BTC (SHA256) or MOON (Scrypt), then that is an option too -- please send me a PM or e-mail if you're interested in donating a percentage or hashing contract.
If you're looking for an active pool, try Coinking or Multipool
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