The status bar stopped working after upgrading

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The status bar stopped working after upgrading

Post by Moonchild » 2012-01-06, 15:23

The status bar stopped working after upgrading my browser! What happened and how do I fix this?

In some rare cases, the status bar may stop working after an upgrade. This is usually caused by settings files being locked by Windows at the time of upgrade.
You will then not see any text indicating network activity, and hovered links don't show.

For the current version of Pale Moon:
  1. Go to the configuration editor by typing "about:config" in the address bar and pressing Enter
  2. Find the parameter "status4evar.firstRun" and double-click it to toggle the value until it is set to "true"
  3. Completely exit and restart the browser (Either File -> Exit or the blue Pale Moon button -> Exit)
This will re-initialize and reinstate your status bar functionality.

For previous versions of Pale Moon only (v4-v9.2):

Version 8 and later of the browser has a built-in "add-on compatibility assistant" which runs the first time you start a new version of the browser.
In some cases, when upgrading, this assistant may pop up with the Pale Moon status bar add-on listed as a "Third Party add-on" and unchecked by default. If you accept the default suggestions offered, the status bar add-on will be/become disabled. Always check what is listed and if the Pale Moon status bar add-on is unchecked, make sure to check it before you continue loading the browser for the first time!

To fix this after the fact:
Go to the add-on manager in the browser, and click the "Enable" button next to the Pale Moon status bar add-on to re-enable the status information. Restart your browser.
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