Zoom levels on HiDPI screens

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Zoom levels on HiDPI screens

Post by Moonchild » 2013-09-17, 16:30

If you are using a scaling factor on a high resolution screen of something other than 100%, Pale Moon 24.0 and later may display pages larger than you are used to previously.

Pale Moon will now follow the settings made in windows for text and element size. On high resolution screens this is often set to more than 100%, and Pale Moon will now follow this scaling by itself, without the need for add-ons to help you make pages more readable.

If you previously zoomed pages or used an add-on to adjust zoom levels (e.g. NoSquint) then you should readjust your settings to work with the new way text/element scaling is handled. Zoom levels for pages can be reset with Ctrl+0 (that's a zero). If you use an add-on with a global/default zoom level, adjust that to your liking and comfort.

If need be, you can revert the behavior to the previous Pale moon version by setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx in about:config to "1.0" instead of the new "-1.0" (-1 means follow Windows' scaling factor)

See also the Firefox support pages about this, e.g.
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