How do I restore Tab Groups in v24?

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How do I restore Tab Groups in v24?

Unread postby Moonchild » Mon, 16 Sep 2013, 08:39

How do I restore Tab Groups in v24?

Since the instructions apparently were not entirely clear in the release notes and in the different locations in this forum, an instruction post:

Pale Moon 24 and later do not include Tab Groups (formerly known as Panorama) in the core of the browser anymore.
To restore this functionality, you have to download the palemoon-tabgroups add-on, which you can download from:

After installing and restarting, you will have access to Tab Groups like before.

To get the Tab Groups button back after installing the add-on:
Right-click a toolbar area, and select "Customize". In the customization window that pops up, you will find the Tab Groups icon, which you can drag to any preferred location in your browser interface.
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