Will Pale Moon bundle other software in the installer?

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Will Pale Moon bundle other software in the installer?

Post by Moonchild » 2013-07-21, 08:32

Will Pale Moon bundle other software in its installer?

I regularly get e-mails from companies wanting to piggyback third-party software and "offers" in the Pale Moon installer. Let me be absolutely clear to everyone so they don't waste my time or their own:

Pale Moon will NEVER, ever, bundle third party software, commercial offers, search/other toolbars, or other additional software in its installer package.

This means:
  1. Quit e-mailing me already. I'm not interested. I don't care how smart you think your "program"/"system" is or how witty you think your name-pun of your domain is, or in what way your "offers" are better than those of competitors.
  2. If you ever see a Pale Moon installers being distributed with additional offers, bundled software or ads in the installer, they are illegal, and in direct violation of the redistribution license for Pale Moon binaries (let me know so I can send a cease and desist letter). Note that this includes "download helpers/managers" and "stub installers" as well that offer additional software.
  3. Pale Moon will not be a valid target for "monetization of free software" this way. Ever. I'd rather have the project explode in a million chunks before I let unspecified third party software catch a ride. I hate it with a passion myself when I download software and I get all sorts of software (let alone vapor- and junkware) that I didn't want in the first place. Or having to untick a dozen boxes to just get what I went to a manufacturer's website for, specifically.
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Re: Will Pale Moon bundle other software in the installer?

Post by Night Wing » 2013-07-21, 14:22

Glad to see the Pale Moon installer will never allow piggybacking of third party junk software.

I learned my lesson long ago when I wasn't paying attention and some crappy third party toolbar got installed along with the program I wanted. :o The problem with the POS toolbar, it had no uninstaller. :evil: Since I'm a non technical user, I didn't have the computer knowledge to uninstall the toolbar. I tried researching it through Google and it was a royal PITA. :? I finally gave up the effort and I just reinstalled the Windows 7 operating system which took me 3 hours after doing all of the Microsoft updates. :roll:

As far as I'm concerned; these people who try to sneak or blatantly put their crappy toolbars and other adware onto people's computers, they should all be fined and sent to prison. Preferably in some third world hell hole prison where they should be beaten daily with rubber hoses until they are considered "re-educated" to be released back into the general population along with a depleted bank balance. :twisted:
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Re: Will Pale Moon bundle other software in the installer?

Post by gcgriswold » 2014-08-08, 21:19

Thanks, Moonchild, for "raising the bar"and for your commitment, principles integrity and honesty. Sadly, there's not many like you on the Web! Kind regards.


Re: Will Pale Moon bundle other software in the installer?

Post by BaronHK » 2016-09-13, 01:05

Thank you for taking this position.

I don't think I'm alone here in saying that software that installs unrelated software is one of the most annoying things that can happen.
Google is using what I consider to be malware tactics to get Chrome on as many computers as possible, so they encourage software to bundle it with them and bury the option to not install it in the fine print.

Really happy that the Pale Moon project has been approached by people wanting to drive by download their software onto your computer and has told them NO. NEVER.