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Will Pale Moon bundle the extension/add-on {xxxx}?

Posted: 2011-09-26, 18:51
by Moonchild
Will Pale Moon bundle the extension/add-on {xxxx}?

Pale Moon releases come without any pre-defined and pre-installed add-ons/extensions.
There are a number of "custom" browsers out that are basically Firefox with simply added a number of add-ons and released as a package - this is fine if you are looking for a browser that comes pre-installed with extensions for a specific purpose and you don't want to install them yourself, but this is not part of Pale Moon's goals.

Pale Moon will be released as a browser without any extensions, since users of Pale Moon should have freedom of choice to install or not install any extensions/add-ons that are available for it. I would of course strongly recommend to look through the add-ons site for Firefox and pick some that you think work well for you, or use the add-ons window in the browser to search for extensions on specific keywords, as there are some real gems out there, but by policy, Pale Moon will not bundle any add-ons with the browser.

If you see Pale Moon offered bundled with extensions or "extra functionality" or whatever people would like to call it, it will be an unofficial download and is not recommended (and potentially dangerous or unstable - you don't know what all has been added to or changed in the browser). Don't rely on unofficial downloads or releases offered with add-ons/extensions already in it. Go the official route if you need extra functionality and install Pale Moon, then add your extensions to it.

Historical note: The one notable exception to the above was the Pale Moon status bar add-on that initially came with early versions of the next generation browser; this was, however, not added functionality but core functionality for the Pale Moon browser. This method was chosen as a solution over editing the core layout of the browser to prevent incompatibilities and unnecessary bugs, as well as being a result of getting direct feedback from Pale Moon users.