Can't I do this kind of optimization on a downloaded Firefox?

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Can't I do this kind of optimization on a downloaded Firefox?

Post by Moonchild » 2011-09-26, 18:34

Isn't this just the same kind of optimization I can do on Firefox?

No, it isn't. There are a number of tools and add-ons out there that will allow you to "tweak" Firefox with custom settings to maximize its performance for your specific setup and internet connection, but Pale Moon's optimizations are unrelated to this kind of tweaking. Given, there are a few pre-set preferences in Pale Moon that help alleviate some basic issues a stock Firefox suffers from (better defaults), but for the most part, preferences and settings are the same as a standard Firefox installation.

If you compare a "tweaked" Firefox with a "default" Pale Moon, as some people do, it does not give a clear picture re: speed and efficiency as Pale Moon in that case may suffer from settings that have been optimized (for your specific setup and internet connection) in the tweaked Firefox installation, but not in the standard Pale Moon installation.

Pale Moon's optimizations are done at the actual browser (baseline) level, not at the settings level. These optimizations cannot be done "after the fact" on an already compiled binary executable, as they would require you to actually change .dll and .exe files, which can never be done with an add-on or setting.

In short, the Pale Moon optimizations are done in the actual core program, and are carried over and cumulative to any "tweaking" done on top of it. You can't do that kind of optimization in Firefox without rebuilding it from the source code.
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