Working Solution for the Estonian ID Card in PM 25+

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Working Solution for the Estonian ID Card in PM 25+

Post by andres99 » 2015-04-16, 12:11

The Estonian ID card is a smart card for official authentication. It works with major browsers, including Firefox. However, after Pale Moon switched its GUID, the Estonian ID Card software just ignores Pale Moon and will not install automatically. (For Estonians: Järgnevalt ingliskeelne juhend, kuidas saada ID-kaart tööle brauseriga Pale Moon.) There are two ways of making it work. Here is what I did:

Method 1

(1) Install the ID Card software from

(2) In a file manager, go to the folder called "Firefox PKCS11 Loader" (in my computer under c:\Program Files\Estonian ID Card\).

(3) Zip the contents of that folder so that install.rdf and chrome.manifest will be in the zip's root.

(4) Change the extension of the zipped file from ".zip" into ".xpi".

(5) Install the xpi file manually into Pale Moon as addon (Pale Moon menu: Tools -> Addons -> Extensions -> gearwheel icon -> Install Addon from File -> choose the xpi file that you created and then install it.

After that, the ID card has been working all right here. Basically what I did was installing the Firefox extension for loading the ID card in Pale Moon.

Method 2

The support team of the ID card refused from coding any support for Pale Moon (as usual, it is harder to argue with software developers for a feature than going to court). However, they suggested a workaround, which I did not try myself:

(1) Install the ID Card software from

(2) In Pale Moon, go to menu: Tools > Options > Advanced > Certificates > Security Devices

(3) Click "Load" and leave Module Name as is.

(4) Click Browse and choose the path to the onepin-opensc-pkcs11.dll library (located in C:\Windows\System32\) -> then click OK.

Should work now. This method is a solution without the Firefox extension. I do not know if it will remember the ID card for the next session or not by this method.


Re: Working Solution for the Estonian ID Card in PM 25+

Post by jdbenavent » 2015-04-22, 08:38

The second method is the one I followed to use the Spanish ID Card (DNI-e) in Firefox. But it does not work in Pale Moon.

The problem is that when the DLL library is selected and click the OK, nothing happens. The new security device is not added to the device list.

I'll try the first method as I can.

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Re: Working Solution for the Estonian ID Card in PM 25+

Post by Weishaupt » 2015-08-25, 12:42

Sadly, neither of the solutions worked for me with Pale Moon 25.6.0 (x64) on Win 7 x64. :(


But the first solution does work with Pale Moon x86. Thanks! :)


Re: Working Solution for the Estonian ID Card in PM 25+

Post by Kalts » 2016-12-14, 22:12

The second method works for me with Version: 27.0.2 (x86) on Windows 7 x64.

Maybe it is not obvious but the Firefox plugin is x86 only. This is briefly mentioned at the end of document ... v6_EST.pdf. I am forced to use Windows 7 x64 and previously ran native 27.0.2 (x64) version. Replaced the native x64 version with x86 one, then registered onepin-opensc-pkcs11.dll library as shown in andres99 posting. I am able to authenticate using ID card to and two different online banking sites. Have not tried signing yet but for some reason the plugin for signing (Firefox Token Signing Plugin, npesteid-firefox-plugin.dll) was present in Palemoon right after ID software installer finished. The onepin-opensc-pkcs11.dll library had to be manually registered.
That's all folks, at least for this particular OS and Palemoon combination!

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Re: Working Solution for the Estonian ID Card in PM 25+

Post by Moonchild » 2016-12-15, 19:45

These kinds of plugins are often not supplied in 64-bit binary formats. One of the main reasons I am using 32-bits myself is because I have several authentication plugins that are 32-bit only.
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