PDF document reading in PMx64

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Re: PDF document reading in PMx64

Post by DAC324 » 2015-07-28, 14:35

Hello Moonchild,

thank you very much for providing the Sumatra PDF package. This version works as expected in Pale Moon 25.6.0.

Installation is quite simple, either. I just had to unpack all the files into the plugins sub-folder of my profile directory and then set PDFs to be displayed with Sumatra PDF.

Great! Thank you once again!

Kind regards,


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Free PDF-XChange VIewer with PMx64

Post by bawldiggle » 2016-08-20, 08:46

Have been using FREE PDF-XChange Viewer (install) since December-2013 (v2.5.214.0) on Win7 PRO 64bit desktop -- never a problem.
Developers TrackerSoftware have released many upgrades since 2013 -- most recent is v2.5.316.0 dated 11-Jan-2016
Free - PDF-XChange Viewer download page
Download page states "Viewer" has been replaced by "Editor" -- which is true ie, Viewer is maintained but not developed, Editor is the flagship product (commercial)
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Re: PDF document reading in PMx64

Post by lavabo » 2016-12-03, 16:00

Moonchild wrote:Rather easy since I have VS2012 and they supplied a vs project solution for that.

Built with x64+release, and zipped up all resulting dll and exe files (including the np*.dll plugin). No installer since building the installer is a pain and the build scripts don't cater to x64 on Windows.

Download from: The Pale Moon FTP server about 7MB
Since I alternate a lot between palemoon portable in 32 bit and 64 bit, is it possible to compile a 64bit plugin which uses a custom name for SumatraPDF.exe, like SumatraPDF64.exe, so that I can have both the 32bit and 64bit executable in only one folder of plugins ?
I ask because it is how it works for flash players , so I do not need to worry about a lack of plugins when going from 32bit to 64bit palemoon.