Installing Flash Player on Pale Moon Portable

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Installing Flash Player on Pale Moon Portable

Post by access2godzilla » 2013-09-30, 12:05

Recommended method:

Download the Adobe Flash Player installer for Pale Moon and run it. It'll automatically do everything for you.

Manual method

Note : I've assumed that Pale Moon (PM) Portable is installed in "E:\palemoon". This location will change accordingly as per where you installed PM Portable.
  • Download the web installer or the offline installer of Adobe Flash Player and install it.
  • Press Windows key + R and type "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash" (without the quotes) into it, and hit enter.
  • Copy all the DLL files beginning with "np" in it to "E:\palemoon\Lib\Mozilla\Plugins".
Now, start PM Portable. You will find that the Flash Player has been installed. The Flash Player will work regardless of whether the computer has Flash installed or not; and the version of Flash Player residing in "E:\palemoon\Lib\Mozilla\Plugins" will override whichever version may be installed on the computer.

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Re: Installing Flash Player on Pale Moon Portable

Post by lyceus » 2013-10-10, 21:41

Thank you for the tip since this even is helpful for other versions like x64 and "where is Flash" common trouble. ;)


Re: Installing Flash Player on Pale Moon Portable

Post by highend » 2014-03-12, 10:42

My Pale Moon resides in: D:\Users\Highend\Tools\Palemoon\App
So I've created D:\Users\Highend\Tools\Palemoon\App\Lib\Mozilla\Plugins

and copied over all plugins (flash, shockwave, etc.) from my portable Firefox into this folder.

But when I start Pale Moon and use e.g. about:plugins in the address bar there aren't any addons at all (and sites who use e.g. flash prompt me if I want to install it).

Did this folder changed recently? I'm using the v24.4 x86 version...


Re: Installing Flash Player on Pale Moon Portable

Post by Bocmanice » 2014-10-17, 07:39

Just copy flash files to default Pale Moon folder. It works for me.