Pale Moon 8.0 and Vivid Contrast... for the blind !!!

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Pale Moon 8.0 and Vivid Contrast... for the blind !!!

Post by Moonchild » 2011-11-22, 08:27

Relayed from the feedback form on the website to help all of you:

Pale Moon 8.0 and Vivid Contrast... for the blind !!!
Life on the Net can easily become nightmarish for people who suffer from Glaucoma. This is why I have adopted Pale Moon (in addition to all the technical reasons for doing so).
It is very difficult to navigate with grey or silver browsers that are cluttered with useless menu bars (it complicates the already painful eye strain), with my condition. However thanks to Pale Moon I can surf without ophtalmic pain (or keep it to a minimum). I suggest this to all of you suffering glaucoma.

Install the following FireFox add-ons.
1) Skins: either BlackFox V1 Blue 1.3.6 or Smallring FT Darkblue 1.09.29. The white fonts on black background are real eye-soothers, but only if you add...
2) Add-Ons: NoSquint 2.1.2 and Theme Font & Size changer 3.0... Believe me you won't be thinking twice about long surfing sessions, because the strain on the eyes is kept to a minimum thanks to these. Above all you won't have to visually search in an eye-straining fashion any more thanks to Pale Moon's excellent uncluttered design. I'm telling you: high end browsers really make a huge difference to severely impaired vision.

You have simply no idea Moonchild... to what extent you have switched my quality of life around... Mille Fois Merci !!!!

Sylvain Bériault
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Re: Pale Moon 8.0 and Vivid Contrast... for the blind !!!

Post by mathewshanley » 2011-11-25, 20:51

Actually my little cousin Dylan has Glaucoma and he is 9 I wonder if this is any use to him, he has really powerful glasses and is okay in day to day life, but I do see him squint at the computer when using Chrome, I might try this out on him to see if it helps.......