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How to disable Ruffle in the Wayback Machine

Posted: 2023-07-29, 04:27
by Mæstro
The Wayback Machine has many Flash-using sites preserved from that plug-in’s zenith in the 00s. As Pale Moon supports NPAPI by policy (and its UI resembles traditional Firefox and can be made identical with certain themes), it is the natural choice for browsing these sites in their natural state. Alas, changes within the last few days have caused the Archive to substitute Ruffle, a Flash emulator written in Rust, by default. This renders Flash assets on these archived sites inoperable in Pale Moon. Fortunately, the Archive preserves the original assets beside running this shim for other, iconoclastic browsers.

A specific script, ruffle.js, is at fault for this. In µBlock0, adding the following to My filters will block it and restore the original assets.

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※I credit Andy Prough for suggesting I post this technic here.