Make your own theme EASILY

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Make your own theme EASILY

Post by mathewshanley » 2011-11-13, 21:23

This is a tutorial on how to create a theme for your self easily the only skills you really need are image editing skills to re-size to your screen resolution.

You will need 1) Images 2) Software to re-size and possible split the image if your starting with one image

Step 1) Create your images, or download

Step 2) Re-size to width of your screen resolution then the height has to be 200pixels for the top and 100 high for the bottom (When resizing an image you downloaded on photoshop create a new document to the right size then open the download image and right click on the image and layer via cut to the new document to the right size)

Step 3) Once you've got the images, open op my computer then type in on the address bar %appdata% then it's Moonchild Productions >> Pale Moon >> Profiles >> 5dxrlk0d.default >> personas >> cache then if you have installed other personas you could find more than one folder, look for the one with the theme/person you have in use and replace the images ensure the images header and footer , be sure that they are the right way around

Step 4) Restart Pale moon to be sure you don't have any problems I also wouldn't recommend messing around in the appdata folder so once you have done please leave


Some images to test or replace your blurry theme

1) These are based on the Lunar Berry XL Theme
2) More coming soon no ETA as of yet

Pre-made Lunar Berry XL theme can be found on this thread

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Orange - Moderate Step
Brown - Hard Step
Blue - Notes & Tips

Step difficulty is relative to one another