PM 20 - New light icons

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PM 20 - New light icons

Post by moonlighting » 2013-04-14, 22:31

When I updated to PM 20, I noticed that the icons changed to a new lighter icon set.

I didn't like this so I found a userstyle to change them to black: ... hite-icons

For more info on the new icons in PM 20, read the release post:

And scroll down to the "Theming has been worked on to provide better contrast on glass/dark themes and to work around styling issues present in v19" bullet point.


Re: PM 20 - New light icons

Post by dark_moon » 2013-04-15, 04:22

I try it but this didn't change all icons like the back/forward button, bookmark button and maybe more.
Here we post the code to change the icons: