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How to install Pale Moon in Linux Lite 3.4 (GUI)

Posted: 2017-08-19, 04:17
by gracious1
If you install Pale Moon from stevepusser's well-maintained and fully endorsed repository, you can take advantage of the update mechanisms provided by Linux Lite. But if installing from a command-line interface is uncomfortable for you, here is a method using the graphical user interface, or GUI (with a slight exception in the middle where you really have to use the terminal).

1. Make a text file and write this line:

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2. Save text file as palemoon.list
2. Open your home folder and navigate to /etc/apt/
3. Right click on the sources.d folder and select Open as Administrator.
4. Now move file palemoon.list into the sources.d folder.
5. Close the window.

6. Now you must install the key, which is necessary for package lists to be verified and updated, and that is not easy with the GUI. So open a terminal window and enter these commands:

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sudo -i


apt-key add - < Release.key

(Enter password if prompted to do so.)

7. Now do Menu -> System -> Install/Remove Software (This opens a program called Synaptic)
8. In the search box, enter palemoon.
9. Double-click on the palemoon package.
(If Synaptic asks to "Mark additional required changes" then allow it do so).
10. Click Mark button.
12. Click Apply button in Synaptic toolbar.
13. Hopefully it will install Pale Moon in the Internet sub-menu. But if you can't find it, do Menu -> Accessories -> Application Finder and enter Pale Moon.
14. Double click and Pale Moon will launch!

In the future, when there is a new release of Pale Moon, just do Menu -> Favorites -> Install Updates.