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Integrate Palemoon Portable with PortableApps launcher

Posted: 2017-04-21, 23:26
by nonaz
Disclaimer: im not 100% if this howto breaks forum rules to not discuss 3rd party applications. I doubt it, but will definately :clap: if someone removes it as 'bad'

If you have the program, by default Palemoon Portable isnt compatible, but there is an easy way to integrate it.

Theres two methods, but the first is dodgy, so recommend the second

Method 1: rename "Palemoon-Portable-27.2.1.win32.exe" etal to "Palemoon-Portable-27.2.1.win32.paf.exe" and browse to that renamed file via the PortableApps launcher 'install from file'. resulting in it unpacking the browser files/folders directly to the root PortableApps folder (not its own folder so gets scattered among other program folders) which puts the exe one level higher than other programs have theirs like -> F:\PortableApps\Palemoon-Portable.exe - so besides being messy dont think it integrates with the GUI, tho I deleted the files after trying that before restarting the PortableApps launcher to check

Method 2: launch "Palemoon-Portable-27.2.1.win32.exe" etal normally as instructed on the download page but first create a new folder in the PortableApps folder (I named mine "Palemoon Portable (self contained)") & install it there, resulting in -> F:\PortableApps\Palemoon Portable (self-contained)\Palemoon-Portable.exe - same as other programs so the launcher sees it after its restarted & will launch it like others

Re: Integrate Palemoon Portable with PortableApps launcher

Posted: 2017-04-22, 11:08
by billmcct
I have had PM in my portableapps drive for about 6 years now. Also several others such as Ccleaner portable. They are recognized within the launcher but have to be updated separately. No need to rename anything.


Re: Integrate Palemoon Portable with PortableApps launcher

Posted: 2017-04-22, 23:32
by nonaz
Hey Bill, so where do you have your PM portable files installed? same "PortableApps" folder as with method 2 above, or somewhere else?

Just assumed it was that folder structure let the launcher see it and add it to the list, as if itd do the same with any exe regardless if suitable or not

Re: Integrate Palemoon Portable with PortableApps launcher

Posted: 2017-04-23, 12:20
by billmcct
Method 2. Any portable program that uses a launcher as PM does "palemoon-portable.exe" will be seen and can be launched in the Portable Apps launcher. Simply put the folder into the Portable Apps directory where ever that may be. I have mine in three places. On a flash drive, on a backup drive in case the FD fails and a limited number of apps on my C:/ drive.

Method 1 is fine for installing initally however all you need to do to update is to unzip the new PM portable update to the PortableApps directory holding PM. Pale Moon can never be updated automatically in the PortableApps launcher it will have to be downloaded first.