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Use Pale Moon as information manager

Posted: 2017-02-10, 10:13
by mseliger
Pale Moon is my default browser which I use on daily basis. But it's more than a browser - I use it as an information manager with the help of some Mozilla add-ons, especially the ScrapBook add-on (since 2005). This tutorial will be published in several parts. It will be a Work-In-Process. Part 1 ist about the add-ons and other programs I use with Pale Moon. In later parts I will give a more detailed description how every add-on works.

Part 1: Add-Ons

ScrapBook X Version 1.13.8 ( ( (fork of the original ScrapBook add-on): Tree-based document manager to store websites (or parts of them), bookmarks and other documents
Simple Mail Version 2.9.1 ( ( simple E-Mail-Client for pop3 and imap accounts
Reminderfox Version ( ( Calendar and ToDo-Application
Newsfox Version ( ( Newsreader
Markdown Editor Version ( Markdown-Editor especially useful for templates used with ScrapBook
QuickNote Version 0.7.6 ( ( simple Notes-Application and Editor for text files
GrabMyBooks Version 1.8.1-signed ( ( Application to create epub- or mobi-books to read web content on an e-reader

Additions for Pale Moon (if you need them)
Edit and Note Version 1.02 ( ( (only for Microsoft Windows - it won't work with linux-based operating systems, which I use on my home pcs): Edit and Note-Application which you can use to modify your stored ScrapBook pages
PrintEdit Version 17.6 ( Printer Application with preview to delete unnecessary parts and to create pdf files from your stored ScrapBook pages
Mozarchiver Version 1.0.2 ( to create or open MAFF-archive
ScrapBook X AutoSave Version 1.4.3 ( all pages your are visiting are stored automatically in your ScarpBook if you activate AutoSave
ScrapBook X CopyPageInfo Version 1.3.10 ( copy the document properties of a stored ScrapBook document
ScrapBook X File Converter Version 1.1.3 ( convert files in ScrapBook format
ScrapBook X MAF Creator Version 1.1.11 ( create MAFF-archive of stored ScrapBook documents
Super Start Version ( ( my Pale Moon homepage from which I can start several of the Add-ons (e.g. Simple Mail, Newsfox, QuickNote)
uBlock origin Version 1.10.6 ( blocks advertising, scripts etc. to shrink your stored ScrapBook documents and pieces

Other programs, multi-platform enabled
DocFetcher ( Open source, java-based search engine, to search for ScrapBook documents outside from Pale Moon

ScrapBook X

Posted: 2017-02-27, 09:02
by mseliger
ScrapBook X as information manager

ScrapBook is an information manager program which can store all your research material. You can easily send any web page or web page selection to be archived inside your ScrapBook. You can also capture linked pages and bookmarks. You can select which content is captured. When you capture a web page the date and the url of the web page are stored in ScrapBook.
To organize your researches you can use folders, sub-folders, notes and note pages. But you may store every type of file in the ScrapBook tree (use drag & drop). Every folder and every document can get an visual icon to differ the content. You can easily edit or add content to a captured web page.
ScrapBook has the ability to search in the stored content. You may enter notes to find the saved content or you can enter a full-text search.
You may have different ScrapBook archive, e. g. one for every research project.

Here is an example of my ScrapBook:
There is a good, older tutorial about Scrapbook (the original extension), which you can find here:
Newer functions which are not described in the tutorial you can find here:

Re: Use Pale Moon as information manager

Posted: 2017-02-27, 10:06
by fillerup
can you list some practical examples of what you achieve with these addons.. i'm an addon junkie myself but even this is way too much for my needs