How to fix "sudoers" error when installing Pale Moon for Linux

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How to fix "sudoers" error when installing Pale Moon for Linux

Unread post by kbhasi » 2017-01-25, 11:06

(Note: Please ignore the dates on and in the screenshots, as the PC I used has a dead backup battery and I accidentally set the year to 2016 instead of 2017)

It has come to my attention that when I try to install the browser on Linux using the script, this error comes up:


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[sudo] password for USERNAME: USERNAME is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

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(error icon) The installer could not start. Please verify your password is correct and that you have sudo rights and then try again.
Here's a screenshot of that error.
Here's a screenshot of that error.
I'm using Debian 8.7 with the Cinnamon desktop.
Here's how to fix this error.

Go to the user account settings. This can be different for different Linux desktop enviroments, so I won't document that part here. Once you are there, add "sudo" to the list of groups for your account:
Screenshot from 2016-01-25 04_19_41.png
After that, please restart. Once you have restarted, start the script and it should work.
After completing installation
After completing installation