Managing search engines in Pale Moon

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Managing search engines in Pale Moon

Post by Moonchild » 2016-08-15, 09:40

The in-browser search engines in Pale Moon are managed with a few simple controls, allowing you to select, add and remove search engines of your choice.

Selecting a different search engine:
In the search bar, click the logo/drop-down arrow next to the input field to open up the menu with search engines.
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Please note that selecting a different search engine here will change your search engine for search bar, address bar, about:home and context searches.

Please also note that using a different search engine than the default (DuckDuckGo) will effectively end your support for the Pale Moon browser through searches (which provides the majority of our funding). if you want to support us, kindly consider using DDG for the bulk of your search needs.

Adding/removing search engines:
In the same menu, click "Manage Search Engines..."
This will open the search engine management window, allowing you to add, remove, and re-order search engines.
The controls in this dialog box should be pretty self-explanatory.
The "Restore Defaults" button will restore the search engines that came bundled with the browser, but otherwise leave your custom-added search engines alone.

To add an engine from this search window, the simplest way is to click the blue link "Get more search engines..." which will take you to a page where additional "searchplugins" (these aren't actually plugins, just search engine definition files based on the OpenSearch standard) can be installed with a simple click and confirmation.
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