Privacy purge with CCleaner for PM portable.

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Privacy purge with CCleaner for PM portable.

Post by dallas7 » 2012-08-14, 19:26

A suggestion for CCleaner users, or not:

CCleaner won't recognize portables so I've chosen to configure it to do so.

Use the Options > Include > Add to include each of the files and folders one at a time.
Or just modify mine according to your parameters (path, Include metrics) and paste into ccleaner.ini and restart CCleaner.

Browse to and include each of these files:

Browse to these folders, select All Files and "Include files and subfolders":

I've been using these without issue since about Haller's Firefox 4 portable and adding to it as it evolved and in Palemoon 64 portable for almost a year.

Regarding the urlclassifier entries, I have my reasons for their inclusion in this cleanup process which explanation is beyond the scope of this posting. If you don't recognize the method to that madness, you should ignore those two items.

Under the Cleaner Windows tab, Advanced "Custom Files and Folders" needs to be enabled.

Perform a Clear All History (configure for Everything and enable all items in Details), close PM and run CCleaner. Usually you'll see at least 16MB of data all about you CCleaned if you run it on a daily basis. The jumpListCache folder can easily load up with 100's of items.



Re: Privacy purge with CCleaner for PM portable.

Post by dallas7 » 2013-03-29, 06:00

Be aware that signsons.sqlite is where your passwords are stored.

The nasty behavior of the jumpListCache folder loading up with 100's of .ico files can be defeated by setting browser.taskbar.lists.enabled to false in about:config.

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Re: Privacy purge with CCleaner for PM portable.

Post by Moonchild » 2013-03-29, 07:20

Removing "urlclassifier3.sqlite" is unnecessary - it is a (public) database of known unsafe sites and URLs; it does not contain any personal information and removing it will only cause unnecessary traffic as the file is redownloaded from the SafeBrowsing servers.

Safebrowsing is also disabled by default in the portable version, so you may very well not have this file to begin with ;)
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Re: Privacy purge with CCleaner for PM portable.

Post by dark_moon » 2013-03-29, 08:37

You can clean all files in the PM settings. No need for using a tool.

Remember: You can destroy many things with this cleaning tools.