How to install uBlock Origin in Pale Moon 27 [revised]

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Re: How to install uBlock Origin in Pale Moon 27 [revised]

Unread post by miroR » 2019-09-02, 14:39

shevy wrote:
2019-06-02, 13:50
I just installed it from: ... er=1.18.10

So I only had to go to the second page.

In the long run, though, would it be possible to somehow simplify installation of ublock origin?
I think is doing the work right.
I no longer use firefox and never (seriously) used adChromium; being able to filter away irrelevant content from potentially
malicious actors is important for me, so that I can get work done quickly (it is not problem when I install ublock origin,
but on a fresh linux setup I often don't have neither palemoon nor ublock origin installed, which is why I am posting
right now )
I share you views.
I can add that Pale Moon is really a good browser.
E.g.: I decrypt traffick a lot, dumping the TLS secret keys into $SSLKEYLOGFILE for later analysis and I am amazed how well Mark Straver implemented the new TLSv3 standards, with the 28.6.1 bug-fix version, the previous to recent version. That's really sublime programming, to be able to do it.


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Re: How to install uBlock Origin in Pale Moon 27 [revised]

Unread post by bawldiggle » 2019-09-03, 02:22

I have been using Adblock Latitude but it does not block animated videos on web pages.
So about to give UBlockO a go.
Thank you to Gorhill for all his support for us Legacy mules.
And JustOff for his UBlock Updater

UBlock Origin
I just downloaded v1.16.4.11 dated
ie, Firefox-Legacy-

The version "shevy" installed 1.18.10 is a web-extension NOT a Legacy extn

Gorhills Github releases are for both Web-extensions _AND_ Legacy extensions
Releases for Palemoon (and other Fox legacy based browsers) are clearly titled
Firefox-Legacy, all the other releases without the "title" qualifier) are WEB EXTENSIONS
01_Github PMoon XPI dLoad.png
Older previous [firefox-legacy-] is further down the list from v1.16.4.11

If I have made an error, please PM me to correct any blunders. ;)
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