If you decide to leave...

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If you decide to leave...

Post by Moonchild » 2014-10-16, 12:31

If you decide to leave for whatever reason and switch to a different browser, please be kind to the rest of the people on the forum who are working things out, and do so quietly. Making posts that are rants before a "ragequit" really don't serve any purpose and will not help others to find solutions to current issues, and in fact interferes with trying to provide support to those users.

It is your free choice to stay or leave, to use Firefox, Chrome, IE or any other browser. I just ask that you respect the choice other people make as well, and not interfere with their decision to keep using this browser.

You can expect posts that do not open a useful discussion or add anything to existing discussions before leaving to be disapproved or removed by moderators.

** Clarification: We understand if you are upset or unhappy and that it prompts you to leave the browser (and inherently the forum as well) behind, but just posting something inflammatory because of your state of mind is still just as much against the forum rules as posting inflammatory material otherwise. To be clear: this is just about common etiquette, and has nothing to do with "switching to Firefox" or hatred towards any particular other browser.

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration to the community, and our efforts to keep discussions on-topic.
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