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Bug with account registration on this forum

Posted: 2024-01-30, 02:48
Good time of day.
I accidentally ran into a bug while registering my first account (I had to create a second one, as I couldn't find a special form to contact the forum administrators. That's why I have the number 2 at the end of my nickname).
  • Actually, as a result of this bug, I got an extremely limited account that cannot view absolutely any section of this forum.
The nickname of this account is "NEOHIKKAN".
After fixing the aforementioned account, I suppose it's worth deleting this one - from which I wrote this thread.

► Now the details of how I came across this bug:
I assume that this bug is the use of any Unicode characters (or certain characters), in my case it was the check mark -> "" character in the "About" input field. Actually, if you fill out the registration form and click the "Submit" button, you will be redirected to the "php" error page with purely technical details.

After that, I thought that the account had not been registered, so I re-filled out the registration form without filling in the "About" field. However, after clicking the "Submit" button, I was informed in red letters that the nickname and email were already taken.
I checked my mail for an "account activation" email, but there was none.
After that, I used the "Resend activation email" option on the authorization page - the email came and I successfully activated my account.

But after logging in to this account, I can't actually view the forum itself.
I get the following view of the main page:
And if I try to follow a direct link to any existing forum thread, I get the following:
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Re: Bug with account registration on this forum

Posted: 2024-01-30, 09:45
by Moonchild
Interesting. What went wrong is that your initial group membership setup was not done, so you were not in any standard user groups (causing you to not be able to access any of the boards).
I've fixed this and merged your accounts but can't really do much about the underlying issue in the forum software at the moment. A cursory glance at its logs shows nothing out of the ordinary so it's not even clear why it erred on that character, if that was in fact the case. It would have been great had you actually saved and included the php error screen (because those technical details you dismissed out of hand are exactly what we'd need to know the issue at hand). I'll check later if I can find it in the php engine log.

Re: Bug with account registration on this forum

Posted: 2024-01-30, 10:51
by Moonchild
Unfortunately nothing got logged in the php back-end or server logs aside from the server error occurring.
Unable to investigate further at this time.