Can user remove the "topic is solved" tag?

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Can user remove the "topic is solved" tag?

Unread post by Raava » 2023-09-30, 15:57

I thought one topic I started was solved, but it turned out I was too quick to judge, the mess that is the new reddit site made me realized it was not yet solved. :(

So now my question: Can a user remove the "topic is solved" tag?
I tried all Topic Tools but found no entry for removing the "topic is solved" tag.

The topic in question: reddit performance in sub-forum Web Compatibility Support (Palemoon)
yours truly, Rava

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Knows the dark side
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Re: Can user remove the "topic is solved" tag?

Unread post by moonbat » 2023-09-30, 21:51

You can't, and anyway you've been told to use the old site. The new one sucks regardless of what browser you use.
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