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Message caught in outbox

Unread post by Mæstro » 2023-01-25, 21:37

I have never tried to answer a private message on Pale Moon before, and on composing and sending one, it has become trapped in my outbox. Is it normal for a note to linger there until the intended reader opens it, or is something wrong?

(Tharthan, if you are reading this, I will say in short that all is well; I had not been stirred in the least. I do hope that my full answer can come through to you.)
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Re: Message caught in outbox

Unread post by satrow » 2023-01-25, 21:42

I think it's normal 'here' for a message to stick until it's read.

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Re: Message caught in outbox

Unread post by Moonchild » 2023-01-26, 00:47

Yes, that's normal. If you compose a message, it will go in your outbox. It will stay there until the recipient opens it, at which time it will be moved to Sent. While it's in your Outbox it can still be edited (however if the recipient opens it before you're done editing, your edits will not be accepted and will be lost).
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