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Final call to log in to retain your account

Posted: 2022-01-09, 16:48
by Admin
Final call for those who have not been active on the forum for a long time. We will be purging inactive accounts on the following schedule:

Maintenance date: 2022-01-11 (Tuesday)
Purge cutoff: inactive since latest 2020-08-01

Once accounts are purged, no details of affected accounts will be retained except the (at the time) registered account name and IP addresses posts were made from, for administrative and display purposes only. Everything else will be removed, and past posts will not be able to be reclaimed on newly registered accounts (regardless if you use the same e-mail address for registration).

Once again, to prevent an account purge, make sure to log in to the forum. Posting anything is not necessary.

Re: Final call to log in to retain your account

Posted: 2022-01-11, 09:15
by Admin
Maintenance has been completed.
Almost 2000 accounts were purged for inactivity, and various other lists were cleaned up as well to give the forum a proper "refresh".