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Incoming account purge

Posted: 2020-09-24, 12:46
by Admin
As outlined in the sticky announcement we do the occasional user account purge on the forum, in line with the project's privacy policy.
At the end of this month (next week) we will be performing a purge of inactive accounts (limit 2 years).

If you have an account on this forum but usually use read-only access (like RSS feeds or simply not logging in) then you may have to log in to your user account to make sure you're not flagged for deletion.
If you normally visit the forum in a logged-in state with your browser ("remember me") then you won't have to do anything, as your activity will be automatically updated on each visit.

This purge, like those before it, will irrevocably remove accounts. If your account has been purged, staff will not be able to restore it, and your only recourse in that case will be to register again (you may use the same e-mail address and user name in that case, but we won't be able to link your new account to your old posts/data, as there will be no way for us to verify you are actually the same account holder).

Re: Incoming account purge

Posted: 2020-10-01, 11:18
by Admin
Purge completed.
  • 1,345 accounts purged.
  • 655 accounts deactivated for having registered before 2020-01-01 and never logged in.