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The NEW Pale Moon Developer Site

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2020-03-25, 16:08

Since we had to eventually get off the old and insecure wiki software and php version it was stuck on you may have noticed that the wiki is dead. Having a wiki, for us, was pretty much a failed concept way sooner than the five years it was up for. That's ok though.

Fear not the Developer Site will continue as a git-controlled simple-ish site that will be focused to Pale Moon specifics. The conversion of previous content is still in progress but I have completed the newly updated and revised build instructions for Windows and Linux!

Check them out:

The code and content for the Developer Site lives here:

Also, old URLs will be translated so no need to revise any links or bookmarks you might have. Unless you can be bothered to.

I will take questions.
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