Planned downtime for the forum and changes.

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Pallid Planetoid
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Knows the dark side
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Re: Planned downtime for the forum and changes.

Post by Pallid Planetoid » 2019-11-23, 16:45

Just a comment on these privacy/security concerns: I may be mistaken but as far as I can tell about the only thing that resides in my file that would considered a potential privacy/security concern would be my email address of record. I would say to this that considering the myriad of ways people can get a hold of email addresses it seems to me that these privacy/security concerns are arguably overblown when considering all of the typical issues that can arise by taking steps to increase privacy/security. After all the forum accounts do not contain sensitive account, address or phone records (at least not in my case). It is my experience that in many cases privacy/security steps taken by organizations will inevitably cause all kinds of inadvertent issues creating in many cases undue hardship on users as a direct result of the privacy/security steps taken (just my opinion FWIW -- and my intention is not to step on any toes -- so please do not take offense to my personal opinion ;) ).
ADDENDUM: taking the time to read more on the topic -- there's apparently more involved than just the users account data.... :think: :wave: (so I'll shut-up).
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Re: Planned downtime for the forum and changes.

Post by Admin » 2019-12-16, 03:15

Due to a calculation error on my behalf, the volatile memory reserved for the session table was insufficient -- especially with people using feed readers on the forum and some generating a ton of individual sessions, the session table ended up being full and unable to create new sessions. This would result in "invalid form" errors or being unable to log in.

This should now be resolved.
We will continue to monitor the size of the session table and adjust again if still insufficient.
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