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Can't donate without a phone number

Posted: 2019-09-12, 12:04
by ari5_96
I wanted to make an ad hoc (non-regular) monetary donation, because I value Pale Moon, and think it is worth supporting. However PayPal will not allow me to make a credit card donation without giving them my phone number, which is not going to happen. I realise that it's probably not Moonchild's fault (I had the same problem trying to donate to another, unrelated software project, who also used PayPal), but I thought I'd let you know. If we don't collectively complain about - and refuse to participate in - the unnecessary data collection by these large companies, they'll just continue to do it, and probably more so as time goes by. (It is getting worse - last year I made a donation via PayPal and did not need to supply a phone number.)

Re: Can't donate without a phone number

Posted: 2019-09-12, 12:18
by Isengrim
There are alternative donation methods. Perhaps you can donate through Ko-fi instead? I'm not sure if they require a phone number.


On the subject of donations, does anyone (i.e. Moonchild) know if Liberapay is available as an option again?

Re: Can't donate without a phone number

Posted: 2019-09-12, 14:00
by Moonchild
Ko-fi's payment processor is PayPal.

Liberapay has never contacted me again as promised, and I don't understand their donation scheme now, which won't be x per month while being x per month; people are all charged up front now, or something. Since they haven't explained what is going on or how this is now supposed to work, or if they are in the clear payment processor wise, I'm unlikely to set it up again.

I'm sorry if your on-line credit card payment can't go through without a phone number. As stated though that's entirely in PayPal's hands, and as a project we can't refuse the largest and most convenient payment processor for donations for everyone because some people don't want to register an account with them if they don't want to give them a phone number. I'm quite sure the number will only be used in case there are difficulties with the transaction.
You have the option to register and use your e-mail address, upload funds and then donate, or not register and submit whatever they need for a one-time guest donation.