You get what you ask for.

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You get what you ask for.

Post by Moonchild » 2019-07-05, 19:49

With the risk of being accused of "dropping a forum bomb" again, I want to clarify something here.

As long as you can't restrain yourself from making snide, rude, stabbing remarks as off-topic content on other topics that could just be treated as a normal discussion, you get what you ask for (including removal of said content, board warnings and/or bans). We (whomever you decide to target today of the volunteers bringing you Pale Moon) are people with feelings too. We get upset, frustrated and angry just like anyone else when presented with posts that are filled with contempt, attacks, hurting sidelong remarks or ad nauseum hammering on the same point that has already been answered or addressed but for which the answer given is apparently "unsatisfactory" because it's not what was wanted. Sorry if we treat you like a 6-year-old kid trying to get its way by hammering; you get what you ask for there too. Treatment in kind, and not being given an iota of consideration unless and until you can do so normally as adults.

The more you push, the more resistance you will get; but there are limits. Is that really how you want to go down in the records? One of the people who finally push us so far that we say "fuck this whole community deal, we're done with y'all" and shut down all channels of communication and become a no-input, faceless software publisher who no longer listens to anything its users say? Because that's what will eventually happen if you can't have some understanding of the need to direct development (and decide on branding) lest the project ends up going into too many directions at once and as a result not going anywhere, as well as respect what we, as people, all do for you, the community users. Even in our state of frustration we STILL listen to you; I'd almost say against better judgement but I'm not willing to concede to that lack of hope just yet.

So, give us a break. Stop your yammering.
"There will be times when the position you advocate, no matter how well framed and supported, will not be accepted by the public simply because you are who you are." -- Merrill Rose