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Annual user purge

Posted: Mon, 07 Jan 2019, 01:51
by Admin
Later this week we will be taking the forum down for a few hours to do database maintenance and to purge inactive user accounts in accordance with our privacy policy. We tend to do this at the start of each year to keep forum accounts relevant and to not unnecessarily store personal information on our server.
Account purges, as a reminder, will occur based on your last login. If you want to prevent your account from being purged and have not logged in for over a year, then please make sure you log in with your user name and password within the next 2 days. Posting is not required, just an indication that your account is still being used by logging in successfully.

Purging of these accounts will mean the permanent removal of any personal information, profile info, avatar, password and all other account-bound data. Posts made by you will be retained but will only be referenced by your previous user name and will otherwise be read-only except to forum administration.

This purge is permanent and irrevocable. If your account has been purged, the only way to post on the forum again will be to re-register (with the same user name and e-mail, if you wish).

Re: Annual user purge

Posted: Fri, 11 Jan 2019, 08:43
by Admin
Purge has been completed.